Five Feng Shui Tips for Abundance

The ancient Chinese system of Feng Shui uses the power of focused intention, as well as the mindful placement of objects, to improve our lives. If you would like more abundance for yourself and your family, try these five simple Feng Shui tips.

The Wealth/Abundance area is located in the far left corner of your house from the front door.

1. Place or keep any of the following in the Wealth area of your home: banknotes, piggy bank, checkbooks, purse. This deceptively simple act will help you to become more mindful of your money and how you manage it.

2. Use the following colors to enhance the Wealth area: gold, red, purple. These colors have deep and ancient associations with prosperity.

3. For the ancient Chinese, fish were considered a symbol of wealth. If you canít place an aquarium in your Abundance area, you could use a photo or painting of fish to invite more prosperous energies into your life.

4. Images of generosity will inspire your own sense of abundance. You could use a bowl in your Wealth area to collect coins for a charity, or include a statue that symbolizes giving for you. When we give in an open-hearted way, we get the energy-flow of abundance moving in our lives.

5. Lush green plants do well in the Wealth area, reminding us that nature gives great pleasure and peace. Bamboo is traditional, but any healthy plant will do.

Inspired by Teen Feng Shui, by Susan Levitt (Inner Traditions, 2003).


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the word that sounds like "you" in english, in chinese sounds also like the word for 'fish' and also sounds like 'abundance'

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