Help for Puffy Eyes, Crows’ Feet, and more

If your peepers could use some help, here are three nifty all-natural formulas to reduce eye puffiness, undereye bags, and crows’ feet. We also include a great tip for enhancing your eyelashes without mascara.

To Help Reduce Puffiness

1. Slice 1/4 cucumber in very thin slices.

2. Spritz your eye area with water. Lie down and place several of the thin cucumber slices on each eyelid. Allow them to remain in place for around 10 minutes.

To Tighten Baggy Eyes

1. Slice 1/4 raw potato in very thin slices.

2. Spritz your eye area with water. Lie down and place several potato slices on each eyelid. For best results, allow to remain for 10 minutes or more.

To Reduce Crows’ Feet

1. Beat 1 egg white until it nearly forms soft peaks.

2. Dab the beaten egg white around your eye, along your cheekbone and outer eye area.

3. Allow to remain for 10 minutes.

4. To remove, spritz the eggwhite with water and then use cool water on a cotton ball or washcloth to gently remove.

To Thicken Eyelashes

1. Dab a cotton swab with castor bean oil. Apply to lashes.

2. The oil may be allowed to remain on lashes all day. Repeated use will help lashes to become healthier and thicker.

Inspired by The Herbal Home Spa, by Greta Breedlove (Storey Books, 1998).


Kathy C.
Kathy C9 years ago

I used prep H and it really didn't work and I don't think it's good to use as it contains chemicals.

Lorraine K.
Goddess Lozz10 years ago

Jade is right, salicylic acid is best for blackheads and whiteheads. Is that what it's made from, aspirin?

Rebecca W.
Past Member 10 years ago

Preparation H is not the best for the environment, while it works, it wouldn't be suggested on this website. As for Getting rid of white heads and black heads, you should try using witch hazel. Just apply it with a cotton ball after you wash your face. You can get it anywhere and its natural.

Justine Javalina
Justine Javalina10 years ago

i use serious salve from blue sage naturals and don't have black or white heads anymore. i hope i have this on the right thread. for puffiness a woman i know who used to work for a plastic surgeon in scottsdale, az said he mixes preparation H with crisco, adds lavender eo and sells it for $300 an oz to his patients for puffiness.

Jade Prairie
Jade Prairie10 years ago

Salicylic acid toner will take care of your whiteheads. You can make your own with one or two uncoated (cheap) aspirins in 4 ounces of water. I store this in an old contact solution bottle and splash it all over my face after washing. This seems to prevent them from forming. If already there, use some olive oil to loosen the pore and blockage and it should work out in a few days. Also, cut out artificial creamer. And don't use a needle! Hope this helps.

Lynne TURLEY10 years ago

isn't the castor bean toxic??? don't know about castor bean oil.

Shannon McGee
Shannon McGee10 years ago

Any one know what is good for darkness around eyes?

Jean Lee
Jean Lee10 years ago

I use olive oil, an old mascara brush to brush onto my lashes, just before going to sleep

Jean Lee
Jean Lee10 years ago

Katherine, exfoliating the skin on your face is the best & safest way to get rid of white/blackheads. I use honey and fine sugar, gently massage the honey in & at the same time the fine sugar will melt & also rub away the dead skin. You can do this every other day, the white/blackheads will eventually be exposed/removed as part of the dead skin layers. The honey is safe as it will soften your skin & acts as a humectent to keep in moisture.

Gina Sinnott Armstrong
Gina S10 years ago

I was also informed a while back that Preparation H was used by a model friend to assist puffiness, smoothing and tightening under and around outer edges of eye area!