FlutterFrog’s First Flight

What has a giant frog’s head, a colorful butterfly-like body, and just happens to weigh 350 pounds?

A FlutterFrog, of course!

Not familiar with this particular species? Allow me to introduce you.

The FlutterFrog is the brilliant creation of the Care2 team who have painstakingly built an eco-friendly flying machine in the form of a frog’s head and a butterfly’s body.

Did I mention that it has a wingspan of 28.5 feet? And is made from hemp and bamboo? Really, what could be more eco-friendly, or more amusing, than a brightly painted, human-powered, bamboo-hemp-paper mache-frog-butterfly-flying machine.

Care2’s very own, very brave, and normally very sane, software engineer Alex F. will pilot the FlutterFrog off a pier 24 feet above the Willamette River on Saturday.

And, why you ask, would Alex do such a thing? For the chance at fame and glory–and hopefully a really cool prize–at this Saturday’s RedBull’s Flugtag competition in Portland, Ore.

And yes, he will be wearing a helmet, but he is shunning the wetsuit. (Something about ‘not wanting to look funny’)

Alex and four other team members cleverly disguised as frogs and butterflies (who will not look funny either) will launch the FlutterFrog, and allegedly themselves, off the pier on Saturday afternoon.

Fearlessly competing against 30 other teams, they will attempt to “fly” the farthest, demonstrate the most creativity, and exhibit the best showmanship (go team FlutterFrog!) all the while staying somewhat afloat. (Did I mention they also have a great team song?)

So is this blog a shameless ploy to get more votes for our Care2 team? Absolutely! And is it also a nod to the ingenuity and creativity of my Care2 colleagues? Most definitely.

I hope you’ll join me in wishing the Care2 FlutterFrog team the best of luck in their mission to defy gravity, promote sustainability, and of course, soar ahead of the competition.

Also, cast your vote for the Care2 FlutterFrog team as the “people’s choice.” Simply send a text message with TEAM 17 in the body to 72855 (RBULL) on Saturday, Aug. 2, between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. PST.

Go team FlutterFrog! And thanks for your support!

To wish the Care2 FlutterFrog team good luck, click here.

To scope out the competition (including the giant Tortilla Chip Air Ship), check out the event site.

By Robyn Hessinger, Care2 Editor-in-Chief


Tim Cheung
Tim C6 years ago


Jan C.
j C7 years ago

Tortilla chip air ship is surprisingly difficult to say! I wonder what thr Wright brother's would've done if they had prizes instead of the thrill of being the "first" to fly?

Tekla Drakfrende
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Samer R.
Samer R9 years ago

Woo! Go Flutterfrog!