7 Food Cravings Explained (Slideshow)


Food cravings: we all get them. But what do they mean? If you’re craving a particular type of food, is your body trying to tell you something? Is there something missing from your diet, or is it purely an emotional response?The answer is, unsurprisingly, that cravings are rooted in both your mind and your body. Beyond the obvious emotional link, comfort food exists for a reason, of course, craving a specific type of food can mean particular things about your body. Pining for sweets? Does your mouth water at the cheese counter? Click through to check out the possible reasonings you are craving certain types of food.

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1. Craving: Chocolate.

Most of us probably associate cravings with chocolate more than any other food — but it’s not just a silly, sexist trope — you may crave chocolate because you aren’t getting enough magnesium in your diet.

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2. Craving: Salty Food.

Can’t get enough salt? You could be too stressed, and, in turn, harming your adrenal glands.

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3. Craving: Ice.

Though doctors aren’t clear exactly why, craving ice cubes is a sign of anemia, an iron deficiency.

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4. Craving: Cheese.

Crazy for cheese? You might not be getting enough fatty acid, like omega-3, in your diet.

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5. Craving: Sweet & Salty Food.

When you’re craving a food that is both salty and sweet, you could be tired and sluggish — in need of a salty and sweet food’s glucose and sugar.

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6. Craving: Spicy Food.

Is it scorching outside? People often crave hot food when they’re literally hot themselves. Spicy foods make you sweat, which in turn cools you down.

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7. Craving: Sugar.

Sugar cravings often indicate that you have low–or fluctuating– blood sugar.

What foods do you crave most? Do these ring true for you?

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You might as well have included coffee/tea for how useless this article was.

Nimue Pendragon

Interesting. Thanks.

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C. Evelyn
C Evelyn4 years ago

Sugar cravings for me signify anemia, I'm sure it does for lots of other people too, because a quick fix of sugar gives you the energy you don't have when you're anemic.

Also dairy cravings (milk, ice cream) not mentioned here signify a vitamin D/calcium deficiency

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Iona Kentwell
Iona K4 years ago

When I was pregnant I craved ice. While there may have been some slight iron deficiency, the reality was that it was incredibly hot that summer and I couldn't bear to drink as much water as was needed to keep me cool. So I filled my pint mug with ice over and over. I felt cool, assuaged my thirst and didn't burst from too much water! So while there may be a standard explanation for something it doesn't mean it is the only explanation.