Fresh Decor Fixes for the New Year

Working out more and eating healthier are excellent changes to make, but we’re putting a different interior spin on our New Year’s resolutions: simple fixes to our home decor. From painting to adding a quick accessory, the Remodelista editors share a few of their plans. Think fun, and best of all, easy!

Above: Brighten up a neutral interior with fresh accent pillows. Julie’s resolution includes adding pops of color with these hand-dyed cotton velvet cushions.

Above: With a DIY mindset, Alexa is going to make her simple white Ikea sofa “a bit more interesting” by knitting a throw to drape over it.

Above: Not that crafty? A beautifully made wool blanket, such as the Connecticut Blanket (left) or the Lumberman from the iconic Pendleton Mills, adds character (and is a chic way to keep warm in January).

Above: Lydia’s resolution includes recreating these whimsical DIY paper ornaments : “My four-year-old daughter currently inhabits a small, undecorated room in our house. This year I plan to transform her space with a Moravian star installation, using instructions I found on Curbly.” Image via Starcraft on Etsy.

Above: The go-to for a fresh look, a new coat of paint transforms any space. For Sarah’s resolution, she chose a neutral color: “After four months of deliberating a myriad of paint shades, I have decided on Benjamin Moore’s Smokey Taupe. No more excuses: I’m finally ready to paint the interior of my Napa cottage.”


Above: Tidy up: While the actual organizing may not be the easiest, the benefits of creating a clutter-free space to live and work in are endless. Izabella plans to move her husband’s growing collection of books and other finds (“His treasures have taken over our shared office space and library.”) to a new shelving unit. While she has her eye on this Metal Square Stock Console Shelving Unit from Canvas, we also love the clean industrial look of the Rakks Aluminum Shelves (below).

We’d love to know: Do have a piece of furniture or a room you plan to update?


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I'm going to get a shelf similar to that one. You can also find great versions at your local hardware store. Thanks again.

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great ideas

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For the paper star mobile directions, it might be easier, sturdier, and more environmentally friendly if we used something like those nasty plastic straps we find around boxes to secure them all the time. You know, the kind you usually have to cut off with a knife? They're the perfect size for it already too.

Christine Farrell

Thanks for the ideas - I'll come back to them once I finish with the decluttering.

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I like all these ideas. I like to mix up my space and regularly and i think everything in this post has clean lines and exudes a calming effect.