Fresh Indoor Air Without Losing Heat

There are very few of us in the north that aren’t worrying about oil prices this winter. People weatherized like crazy this last fall in preparation for the cold weather, and others are considering added insulation. But energy efficient homes can come with a serious price: Less healthy indoor air. When there isn’t enough fresh air flow and health promoting negatives ions entering the home, people get sick. Worse, the pollutants such as cleaning materials aren’t cleared from the indoor air.

It is hard to imagine ensuring that your home has fresh air by opening a window every day, especially when you hear the oil burner cranking away to compensate! Here is great way to solve this problem: A simple mechanical system that does this for you. It will remove polluted air and replace it with fresh, filtered outdoor air. It is an energy recovery ventilator (ERV), and this is how it works.

In the winter the ERV uses warm outgoing air to heat the incoming cooler air, as well as leaving a comfortable and healthy amount of humidity inside (the incoming and outgoing air have separate compartments so that pollutants are not transferred but these compartments are close enough together that the energy can be). In the summer this process is reversed. In both seasons you get fresh air close to room temperature, combining health and comfort with energy savings. Your home can safely and efficiently ventilated this way. This system also filters out 95 percent of all pollens, mold spores, and dander in the incoming air while throwing all other fine particulates to the outside.

For more information, check this Web site out.

Adapted from Homes that Heal, by Athena Thompson (New Society Publishers, 2004). Copyright (c) 2004 by Athena Thompson. Reprinted by permission of New Society Publishers.
Adapted from Homes that Heal, by Athena Thompson (New Society Publishers, 2004).


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katarzyna phillips

never heard of it. in the uk, we just leave the window on the 'vent' side, so a little outside air can come in. no problems

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So how much does that cost.....

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Thanks for the article.

Don Isaksen
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The ERV (energy recovery ventilator) mentioned in the article works so good their website is no longer in exsistance.

Suggestions made by some of the people posting comments are much more appropriate than the mentioned ERV.

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Grow more indoor plants.

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Once a day, I turn down the heat and open windows across the house from each other, both upstairs and down. I leave them open for a little while (until we can't stand the cold!!) and then close them back up, and put the heat back on its normal setting. We keep our house a little cool (it's healthier anyway) and this keeps things fresh and lets us appreciate that we HAVE heating!!

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This was the article on air cleaning plants. Maybe not the top notch solution but certainly better than the 15-2500 dollar price tag on this product.