How to Feng Shui Your Front Door

Your front door is where you set intention about yourself and about what you want; your entrance is a message to the world about who you are. If the approach to the world of your home is gentle and friendly, the energy you need will come to you. Since your front door provides the main access for energy to enter your house, if anything causes blockage here, energy will not enter and circulate freely to create a balanced environment.

Here are four ways you can ensure blessings and abundance enter your home!

Make sure that the energy coming into your home through your front door is unimpeded. This means a clear route through which the energy flows, but also enough of a transition space so that the person entering makes the transition from the outside world to the world inside of your home. Further, make sure that the energy of your front door is calling in positive energy, not negative, as this will affect your life.

1. The front door and porch should be in proportion to the house itself. Make sure that the energy moves inside the front door freely, and doesnít get stuck on the doorstep because the entrance place is too small to allow in enough energy to circulate throughout the house. An entry that is too big in proportion to the home will invite in more energy than is needed. This can overwhelm the space within.

2. If your home is situated opposite a T-junction roadway, fast moving energy is pouring into your home. If you live in an apartment and your front door is at the end of a long corridor, energy is rushing down the hall and overwhelming your home. A crystal hung near the outside of your front door will provide protection against the rushing stream of energy as well as smooth the flow before it enters your home.

3. Does your front door open to a small foyer? If so, it most likely has a wall opposite the front door, and this blocks energy flow. Many think that hanging a mirror there will make the energy move, but it actually bounces the energy back out the door! Instead, hang a crystal above the door on the inside.

4. Center hallways off the front door can be problematic. If there is no back door the energy is trapped, if there is a backdoor, the energy can flow through the house and leave from the back too quickly. A crystal near each door (and any other doorways along the corridor) will make sure that the energy flows and circulates.

Inspired by Gemstone Feng Shui, by Sandra Kynes (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2002).


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