Garage Sale Warning

Great finds for low prices have long made yard sales a win-win for sellers who want to unload no longer used items for a profit, and buyers looking for deep discounts on anything from trinkets to big-ticket furniture items.

Buyers and sellers both need to beware, however. Buyers: Hazardous items that have been recalled by manufacturers can unknowingly (and, unfortunately, knowingly) be sold at garage sales. These items pose serious health risks for consumers and should not be purchased. Sellers: In an effort to increase consumer safety, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is now enforcing a provision within its Resale Roundup initiative that targets toys and other products that are hazardous to children. This new provision makes it a federal crime to resell any products that have been recalled, going back well over ten years ago. This federal law applies not only to garage sales, but also to resale shops and online stores/auctions.

Exactly how the government would track down recalled item at the hundreds of yard sales held any given weekend is a good question. What’s more important is that both buyers and sellers become informed regarding recalled products in order to ensure the safety of consumers of all ages.

Below is a list of the top 11 recalled children’s products compiled by the CPSC:

  • Playskool Travel-Lite Play Yards (portable cribs), Mar. 10, 1993
  • Evenflo Happy Camper Play Yards (portable cribs), Jun. 25, 1997
  • Baby Trend Home and Roam (portable cribs), Jan. 3, 1995
  • Baby Express Portable Cribs and Play Yards, Feb. 28, 2001
  • Magnetix Magnetic Building Sets, Mar. 31, 2006
  • Easy-Bake Ovens, Jul. 19, 2007
  • Polly Pocket dolls with magnets, Aug. 15, 2007, Nov. 21, 2006
  • Simplicity Drop Side Cribs, July 2, 2009, Sept. 17, 2008, Sept. 21, 2007
  • Simplicity Bassinets (includes bassinets with Graco or Winnie the Pooh motif), Sep. 11, 2008, Aug. 28, 2008 & Aug. 27, 2008
  • Hill Sportswear hooded drawstring sweatshirts, Feb. 12, 2009
  • Evenflo Envision high chairs, April 2, 2009

For photos of these items, go to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website.


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LMj Sunshine
James Merit5 years ago

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LMj Sunshine
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Heather Clough
Heather Clough7 years ago

Never ever by a car seat at a garage sale! You can't trust a stranger with your child!!

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