Gas Prices Haven’t Been This Expensive in 6 Years

Getting to your town’s fireworks display will cost you a little more than it has in years past: As of yesterday, a gallon of unleaded gas clocked in at an average $3.67. That’s the highest it’s been on the July Fourth weekend since 2008. What you can curse while at the pump: the situation in Iraq. Though the Wall Street Journal notes that domestic production has ballooned lately, it sees the current prices as a “reminder that the US still depends on imported oil”; Iraq was the No. 6 importer to the US in April.

And with ISIS working its way through the country, investors and traders are warily keeping watch over Iraq’s oil production, and the possibility that our shipments could cease if the militants take Baghdad and southern oil fields. Some gas- and travel-related facts from AAA:

  • California, as always, has it worst: Its average price was $4.138 yesterday.
  • 34.8 million Americans are expected to drive at least 50 miles this weekend; that would be the most since 2007.
  • A July jump in prices is atypical; the peak usually comes near Memorial Day.

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ERIKA S3 years ago


Alan Lambert
Alan Lambert3 years ago

Gas is cheap here but artificially raising the price through taxes won't work. The US is so spread out that Mass Transit will not work outside of the East, West and North coasts, so cars are a necessity.

Mari 's
Mari 's3 years ago

Lowing gas prices is only going to increase pollution AND mask a dire problem! We need to advance past this and invest in Solar and help oil. The lower the price the more pollution they will create. Not good we need something else the ocean's are turning acidic!!! Look up Ocean Acidification National geographic. We are KILLING ourselves!

Barb Hansen
Ba H3 years ago

too bad alternative fuel vehicles aren't more affordable. you can tell us all day long how expensive gas is, but oil is a huge money maker for certain individuals

Mac C.
mac C3 years ago

I don't live in California any longer, one state up now, but our gas is a little over $4 for regular too. I see in comments that this is cheap compared to what their country charges. But still glad that I only travel about 2,000 miles a year by car. Thanks for the state of gas in the US.

Fi T.
Past Member 3 years ago

Another reason why the human should turn to renewable fuel

vee s.
Veronica-Mae s3 years ago

In the UK it is around £5 - £5.50 a gallon - although we buy it in litres. Americans have had cheap fuel for far too long. About time they joined the rest of the world, started using fuel efficient vehicles and stopped driving so much. The source of fuel will dry up in the not too distant future as oilfields stop producing

j A3 years ago

The futures market has something to do with prices, too. And in CA it was higher more recently after the Richmond refinery fire.

Eric Lees
Eric L3 years ago

The problems in Iraq are just a convienant excuse. Everything is going up in terms of dollars thanks to the FED QE inflation. Of couse the USA government substidizes gas so much of the cost is hidden.

We still have not had a real recovery thanks to the FED and government doing everything they can to prevent a market correction. Now we are starting to see signs of a new recession before we have even recovered from the last.
It's likely to continue getting worse in the USA as we continue moving away from what made this country great. High gas prices will be the least of our worries.