Get Twiggy With It: 10 DIY Twig Projects

Refining something from nature that is rustic and organically decorative, into a piece of furniture or home décor is a high form of eco-flattery. While it can hardly be called a trend, using twigs can liven up any décor.

Using found natural objects brings the natural world and the interior world closer. This is especially true for the cool weather months ahead, when just a glace of nature can perk up a room, and an attitude.

I live in the woods and go on walks almost every day. Each season has a natural rhythm and I find myself seduced into collecting stuff…natural stuff. In summer, I collect sea glass and shells, and in the fall it’s whatever falls off trees, twigs, branches, acorns. My collecting sometimes ends up in seasonally evolving naturescapes, and sometimes the items get uprecycled into art, craft, and useful items.

The shapes of twigs entice me. Every one is different, and I find that if I stare at them long enough, they start to take on earthly forms. So, it is not hard to imagine making all sorts of projects with twigs.

Let’s face it you don’t have to be a super, sophisticated tastemaker, or the craftiest decorator to display good design sense when you use natural objects like twigs. So, it’s only natural that these 10 twig projects will grow on you!

10 DIY Twig Projects

1. This Twig Rack (image above) from the, Aqui Pelo Campo blog from Portugal, can easily become the inspiration for a rustic rack.

2. Decorate a dining space with Hanging Branches from Home Sweet Home.

3. A large tree limb doubles as a Towel Rack. This image from Martha Stewart livens up a bathroom in a natural way.

4. A Branch Curtain Rod from DIY Ideas.

5. Design Sponge’s Twig Server uses two plates and a twig.

6. Bring nature into your closet and keep hangers out of the landfills with these quick, eco-friendly Twig Hangers by…me.

7. Give a purpose to your beachcombing and make this one of a kind Driftwood Lamp from DIY Ideas.

8. I think these Twig Push Pins from Design Sponge are so unique and look how easy they are to make.

9. These Twig Picture Holders from Renest would be great to holding place cards for a wedding or holiday cards.

10. Let these Branch Brackets from Live Wire Farm via Design Sponge be the inspiration for making a similar shelf or night table.

If you need any more inspiration, check out: Rustic Accents for Your Home: 45 Projects from Vines, Twigs & Branches, by Laura Donnelly Bethmann, and Ann Ramp Fox


Mark Tarrant
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Wood is such a nice substance to work with.

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Great ideas thanks

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Paul Stephan5 years ago

Great ideas.

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Thanks for some great ideas!

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fantastic ideas! I love them!

Debra S.
Debra S7 years ago

When I was a younger woman married to an Army man, we moved every summer. To save money, I would go to a local natural area and find suitable straight branches to use as curtain rods. When I moved, I placed the branches back outdoors.

preethi sanjay
Pree S7 years ago

these r cool! would u happen to kno ny cool craft ideas i cud make out of organic or recycled items to give as gifts?

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