Getting Truly Grounded

People who are not grounded tend to be unfocused, unsettled, stress-filled and stressful, and heavily invested in controlling the environment around them. People who are naturally grounded are generally earthy, centered, and at home in their bodies.

The act of grounding tends to center and focus people, because it calms their bodies down and creates a warm and peaceful place in which to live. Find out how, here:

Create Your Grounding Cord

Sit upright in a straight-backed chair with your arms and legs uncrossed and your feet flat on the floor. Place your right hand on your belly just above your pubic bone, and your left hand behind you at the very base of your tailbone.

Keep your eyes open if you can, stay centered, and envision a circular energy center inside your pelvis, right between your hands. (If you know about the chakra system, youíll recognize this center as your first chakra.) This center is usually envisioned as a disk three to five inches in diameter. This disk faces forward, with colored energy swirling visibly inside it, and the color is red.

This firmly anchored disk of energy resides within your body at all times. This energy center has been present since before you were born. It has a constant and unlimited supply of energy, and its primary function is to feed and serve you.

Having your awareness in your mind, envision the energy swirling inside this first chakra, and see a cord or a tube of this same energy moving straight downward. The cord can be the same diameter as your chakra, or slightly smaller. It may help to envision a brightly colored, plumbing-pipe sized grounding tube. Visualize your chakra as firmly anchored inside your body, and see the cord moving downward out of your genitals, through your chair, and into the floor beneath you.

Know that there is an unlimited amount of energy available to create your cord. You are not draining your first chakra, youíre simply redirecting some of its inexhaustible energy down toward the center of the planet.

See your grounding cord moving further downward, through the foundation of the building you are in, into the layers of the ground below you, and on down to the center of the planet, however that may look to you.

Adapted from Your Aura & Your Chakras by Karla McLaren (Conari Press, 1998). Copyright (c) 1998 by Karla McLaren. Reprinted by permission of Samuel Weiser.
Adapted from Your Aura & Your Chakras by Karla McLaren (Samuel Weiser, 1998).


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