Girl Gang-Raped in School, NY Police Do Nothing

I read a tragic story today about a 15-year-old girl who was gang-raped in her school, under her desk while one of the perpetrators smashed her head against the ground to stop her from getting away.  Two other boys with a history of violent criminal activity raped her.  The incident took place in an Elmont, New York school Martin de Porres Academy—a school for special needs kids and juvenile delinquents.

Police made no charges against the three boys even though they were previously charged as juvenile delinquents and their identities were known.  According to reports in the New York Daily News, police claim that it was “not something for us to get into” due to the girl having a mental disability in which her I.Q. is less than 60.  The police indicate that the gang rape must have been “consensual” even though the girl is both a minor and her I.Q. too low to legally consent to sex, according to the mother’s lawyer.  Then there is the fact that she told the rapists “no” and “stop” over and over again during assault.

A spokesperson for the police reportedly told the New York Daily News, “It was more of a consensual situation with their mental capabilities.”

The school sent a letter to the police indicating that: “The school administration request (sic) no further police action and will handle additional behavioral and social issues with training (sic) and additional counseling,” according to the case report by Detective Beth McKenzie.

The mother of K.J. attempted unsuccessfully to get the girl transferred to a different school but could not.  K.J. continued to endure months of harassment after the incident and was forced by school administrators to sit with one of the boys sexually harassing her to “discuss their issues.”

The whole story angered and sickened me for a number of reasons:

The police have an obligation to members of society to press charges when a crime has been committed.  They don’t have the right to decide on behalf of a minor with mental challenges that she doesn’t deserve the same human rights as everyone else.  And, they certainly don’t have the right to unilaterally dismiss the case and wrongly call a serious crime against a child “consensual.”

The school had the obligation to ensure the security and safety of this child in their custody, not put her in a classroom as the only female with violent male criminals.  They also had an obligation NOT to interfere with justice.  Their letter to the police is a serious violation of justice.  Then to force the child to endure ongoing harassment and to “discuss (her) issues”—it is disturbing to me that administrators or teachers at Martin de Porres Academy do not appear to consider gang rape a serious crime.

This is a serious dereliction of duty and a tragedy of justice.  Please sign this petition to help stop these types of crimes from happening.

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Sabine I.
Past Member 5 years ago


Annaliisa A.

This is so sickening. No wonder that majority of rapes is not reported, the police just add salt to the wounds of already vigtimised people.

Aurea Walker

50 years ago a man TRIED to rape me, fortunately I fought back fiercely and managed to hit him in his crotch with the telephone. He ran/hobbled away. I do not remember his face well, but the P. O. S. cop who took the police report ASKED ME WHAT HAD I DONE to bring the attack, near rape on. To this day I can see his face very clearly! So I was nearly raped by one idiot and the P.O.S. cop finished the job. I was 14 years old 5'1 and 100lbs. But the poo poo put the onus of the near rape on ME. Seems nothing has changed, if anything it has gotten worse. I am sharing my story for several reasons: 1. We women must FORCE LAWS to protect us, our daughters all females. 2. Hold not only the perpetrators but those who by law must report the crime to law enforcement RESPONSIBLE. 3. Sue, sue and sue again in civil court if you do not get criminal justice. By the way the article fails to mention that the proper name for the "school's" full name is Saint Martin de Porres - the saint of miracles. It looks like it will take a "miracle" for this poor mentally challenged child to get justice. May this child heal both in mind and body, regardless of her I.Q. She was RAPED, by the perpetrators of the crime, the supposed school and the cops! I would call them pigs but that would be insulting pigs.

Michelle W.
Michelle W5 years ago

This is awful!

Ken W.
Ken W5 years ago


Aud Nordby
Aud nordby5 years ago


Sabrina C.
Sabrina Cordon5 years ago

This is sad and disgusting. A school should be a safe place for EVERY child.

Kaleb C.
Kaleb Chaparro5 years ago

Thats just wrong why was no one whatching the students considering there were jds (juvinile delinquents(i cant spell it))and a disabled girl in a class room with no adult keeping a eye on them the girl should have been imediatly transferred and the guys punished an the police fired they should not be allowed to decide a special needs student cant be raped i am sickened by this it shows how little people know about special needs kids the only people that do are parents with a special needs kid. Signed and posted.

Tammy Baxter
Tammy B5 years ago

I'm absolutely sickened by this story.

Lika S.
Lika P5 years ago

So it's okay to bully to the point of rape, and it's okay because the girl is mentally challenged? That's SICK SICK SICK!!!!