Give An Eco-Valentine That Actually Saves The Planet

This Valentine’s Day, it’s important to choose gifts and treats that make a positive impact on our world.

If you want to give a memorable valentine that will actually help preserve one of the few pristine places left on our planet, think about putting your money where your heart is.

In October 2010, the Mary Lake Conservancy was told they would have to raise at least $1 million of their total goal by January 2011 in order to have a shot at saving this unique property from development and pollution.

The lake property is a stunning example of an imperiled dry Coastal Douglas fir ecosystem, so little of which remains intact. The property also serves as an important wildlife corridor and contiguous natural link between Thetis Lake and Gowlland Tod Parks and is a rare habitat for several endangered species.

(Learn more about the campaign to Save Mary Lake on Care2 Causes: Senior Citizen Tweets To Save Endangered Ecosystem)

Thanks to millions of people around the world who’ve already contributed, the deadline to raise money has been extended until February 28th, so there’s still time to help!

Founders of the Mary Lake Conservancy have created a heart-shaped Valentine Island in the middle of Mary Lake and a unique opportunity for 100 lucky people to send a personalized valentine! Itís a gift thatís sure to please: your sweetheartís name inscribed on Valentine Island as a lasting symbol of your love…for only $20!

Details about how and where your loved-one’s name will appear can be found here.

I can’t think of a more eco-friendly way to ensure that future generations feel the love you have for the planet, and each other!

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Image Credit: Flickr – Carbon NYC


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thanks for the interesting post

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I hope they can raise this money...

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Thank you!

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Alexandra D. P5 years ago

I am too broke to send a donation but today, my sweetheart and I spent the morning
reminiscing about our lives together and realizing that when you love, every day is Valentines
Day. No need to buy anything to show our love, it's in our every gesture.

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katarzyna phillips

that's quite a nice idea. i know in the uk [where i live] the woodland trust has a facility where you can donate a tree or part of a woodland to someone. so not only to be used for valentines day, but birthday/christmas when you don't know what else to buy! they get a certificate and their name on the tree, so they can visit it