DIY Homes for Bees

We may not always give due credit, but pollinators are key to the crop. They are an extremely crucial component to agriculture and modern civilization. We need them. And unfortunately, because of our impact on the world, they may need us now.

You can build your own bee home, though, for mason bees in just an afternoon.

Mason bees normally nest in small tubes or holes in trees. They then proceed to fill the cavity with pollen, nectar and eggs, sealing it off when it is finished.

Though not the most ideal, you can make a beginner’s home using a can or small wood box and plastic straws. You can also order reed straws online if you want to make a more natural home.

Bunch the straws together as tightly as possible within the can or box and cut off any overhang. Make sure they’re tight enough that they won’t slide out. Now you can just hang your can/box anywhere near or in your garden, preferably out of the way of rain and moisture.

The other type of home you can build requires small wooden block. Untreated wood around 4″x6″x20″ should be just right for your first home. Next, drill a grid of small 5/16″ holes in the block approximately 3/4″ apart and in this case, 4″ to 5″ deep. Add a small roof to the block for protection and find a spot in your yard or garden to attach it.

Now watch and wait for activity. Once there are bees nesting, be sure to not disturb the box.

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There are many ways to provide homes for Bee's , thanks for sharing . But its inportant to have proper hives , they need at lot more than just a temporary home , look into hives as the real solution make a difference and become a beekeeper too !

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