Giving Up TV – Easy?

I tell you, killing my TV was like taking a dear desire and sending it on a rocket ship to Mars, never to be seen again. I love my reality shows, fashion programs, creative home and garden. I love my TV. My husband doesn’t. And the monthly cable bill wasnít doing us any favors. So with much resistance (clawing and pawing and pouting), I let it go.

The result? Sweet surprise. Quality of life. Memory making. Play.

Last night, I looked around the living room. Music was playing. There was a fire in the fireplace. It was warm. The kids had built two forts and were tearing around the room. Yelping and jumping and having a blast. This was peaceful! It was fulfilling because I understood that this was the kind of night they will remember. It fed their heart in a way that no amount of movie watching and favorite TV shows ever could. Giving up the TV was high on my discomfort list. But there was a gem inside of the surrender I hadn’t known was there. There’s a theme here. Out of necessity, a friend of mine made a new budget with her husband. She was terrified to have to give up her daily Starbucks four-shot espresso fancy drinks, since she took such comfort in them. She hemmed and hawed, and finally gave them up. But in the end, it really helped her. She looks more quiet and peaceful these days.

There seems to be a deep, natural benefit to giving up the things we have come to crave. Our lives are being incrementally altered to recognize and redefine the quality in them. Maybe the triumph in giving up a spendy craving is a personal one. Give yourself the opportunity to recognize it. And to be surprised by the gem that lies on the other side.

Living without is uncomfortable. Even the prospect is unpalatable. But for me, if I haven’t yet said a 100 percent no to cutting that thing out, then it means there is a place to grow. Discomfort makes us creative and open to new experiences of fulfillment. If you give something up and it impacts your life in negative ways, find a way to bring it back, but in moderation. Try your life without it, at least for a little while, and see if fulfillment isnít deeper, richer and sweeter than you thought.

By Erin Lozano,


William C
William C2 months ago


William C
William C2 months ago

Thanks for the information.

W. C
W. C2 months ago

Thank you.

Soul Doula
Luna D5 years ago

I hope she thanked her husband.

Tina B.
Tina Butterworth6 years ago

I rearranged the furniture in my living room about 8 months ago, and still havent got around to plugging the tv aerial in. I don't miss it one bit, nor does my toddler, although we do put a dvd on on a Friday evening.....the only drawback is that I'm now thoroughly fed up with 'The Gruffalo' and 'Where The Wild Things Are' haha

William F.
William Ford7 years ago

Don't forget that not all people easily gave up TV because I am Deaf and require to watch the media and catch up news events etc. While hearing hear the radio.

Daniel L.
Daniel L8 years ago

I haven't owned a TV for many years, and I am appalled whenever I hear how much more aggressive and intrusive it has become. Kill your TV!! It may not be too late.

Judith Crofts
Judith C8 years ago

With TV we can see a good movie or watch an informative program. The problem is when it is on too much.

Kay O.
Kay O8 years ago

I'd rather read. Living abroad, I didn't have a TV until I was
there for four years. It's helpful to immerse yourself in a
language by watching a drama, for example. I always watched
the news because I needed to be aware of any potential
mass transit strikes which affected me since I took the bus,
subway, tram and commuter train.

Miranda R.
Miranda R8 years ago

I watch TV about 1-2X per week in the late evening for an hour or so, I have thought about giving it up all together many times, but my husband likes to watch the Fuel surf sports channel in the evenings to relax after work - I do find that kind of programming almost meditative as well. I have also heard that universal intelligence has used TV to communicate things to us, but that may be a little far fetched of a reason to keep your cable, LOL!! ;)) In all seriousness, I have learned a lot from educational programming, and I do feel that can't be all that bad. I would still LOVE to try letting go 100% for a while however, just as an experiment to see what 'replaces' it. I am a songwriter, so it is important to have maximum time to do my creative work.