Luggage that Lasts – and Loves the Earth

Inevitably, it happens. The zipper no longer zips, the handle no longer handles, and you find yourself needing new luggage. Traditional luggage contains some unfriendly materials, of which the most common is the toxic plastic, polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Happily, in an ever-greening world, there are luggage options that are both durable and eco-friendly.

Sativa Bags are made of organically grown hemp/cotton material. The line includes backpacks, duffel bags (or holdalls) and even a wheeler luggage case.

produces a roomy hemp duffel bag that is waterproofed.

Heys USA Eco Case 3 Piece Luggage Set is made of 100 percent recycled plastic and comes with a 7 year warranty.

Patagonia recycles “soda bottles, unusable second quality fabrics and worn out garments into polyester fibers,” which are used to make both clothes and other products, including their sturdy Freewheeler gear bag, equipped with wheels and a retractable handle.

Finally, donít forget your local thrift store where you might find gently used luggage waiting for a new adventure.


Marija M
Marija Mabout a month ago

Great, tks for sharing.

Nikhil D
Nikhil Dutta4 years ago

Great info! My next project is to exchange my current PVC containing luggage to those brands mentioned.

Siska Marsudhy
Siska M7 years ago

I wonder if the prices are affordable.

Claudia L.
Claudia L.7 years ago

Thats a great idea in Kay O's post below on the cloth in the backpack. Will treat my trusty backpack to that too

Claudia L.
Claudia L.7 years ago

Great thanks. best hardwearing shopping bag I have is made out of 3 recycled plastic bottles it says

Casey Broughton
Casey Broughton8 years ago

excellent! thanks. i have a trusty travel backpack that's great, but sometimes you do need a bit more.

Kay O.
Kay O8 years ago

I have a back-pack that's well-travelled: all
over the US, Asia, and Europe. I apply a water
proof coating before I use it and thoroughly
clean everything out when I return. I keep a
piece of cloth inside with some essential oil to
keep it smelling nice and to prevent bugs/moths.

pierluigi bonatesta

Thanks for the info!

Daisy K.
Daisy K8 years ago

I was given two pieces of 'hard shell' luggage about 35 yrs ago and, now using light-weight pieces, use those pieces for storage. They are neat and tidy at the back of a closet, not to mention easy to get at when needed.

gerlinde p.
gerlinde p8 years ago

i still have my first suitcase from 30 yrs or so. it`s been patched and repaired many it`s used for storage.