Update Your Furniture: Stencil-Painted Tables

Last year, Remodelista editor Alexa found a wooden table on the street in the worst shade of cheap wood stain. After a few coats of paint, she transformed the table, which is now one of her favorite pieces in her apartment. Here are four ideas for updating an old table.

Above: Amsterdam-based Uxus Design used a variety of stencils on the picnic tables of the Nike canteen from DIY: Stenciled Picnic Tables.

Above: A table made from recycled wood is stenciled in white text by architect Katja Buchholz atLokal in Berlin, Germany.

Above: Swedish designer Anna Malin spelled out E-A-T in black paint on her table top, spotted on Decor 8.

Above: A stenciled table at Merci in Paris.

Are you a fan of graphic lettering? If so, read about Diane Keaton’s passion for it on Palette & Paints with Diane Keaton.

And if you’re considering thinking starting a stencil project of your own, see this genius wallpaper alternative for inspiration.


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Dale O.

Interesting and I love free hand painting colourful flowers, ivy and other natural folksy themes onto furniture, especially ivy and ferns.

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how cool!

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So nineties!

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Thank you.

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I am going to do that to my picnic table

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Nice one/....

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Really cool!!!! Thank you for sharing :-)