Gratitude For Your Physical Heart

Not many of us have been nurtured for our individuality, honored for our gifts, or helped to recognize our purpose. So as adults we may find it difficult to love ourselves in a wholehearted way that fosters a deep and quiet sense of self-appreciation. In the Woman’s Book of Spirit, Sue Patton Thoele offers the following meditation:

It may help to realize the value of gratitude toward ourselves if we were to visualize our heart as a delicate treasure, hand-blown from the rarest ethereal glass. A treasure valuable beyond imagining—fragile, irreplaceable, priceless, and ancient. There is no other like it—infinitely precious, existing before time and after infinity.

In reality, we were entrusted with such an inexplicable treasure when we were given the gift of life. We, and our wonderful hearts, are infinitely strong, vastly vulnerable, deserving and needing the gentle touch of gratitude and love.

With your eyes closed, very gently put your hands over your heart and allow your breath to tenderly flow in and out of it. When you feel ready, ask to be given a symbol for your heart. Hold that symbol that you see or sense as carefully as you would a priceless Faberge egg. Beholding the wonder of your symbol, allow gratitude to flow through you, permeating the very cells of your being. Make a commitment with yourself to cherish and appreciate your heart-self.

Adapted from Giving Thanks, by M. J. Ryan (Conari Press, 2007). Copyright (c) 2007 by M. J. Ryan. Reprinted by permission of Conari Press.
Adapted from Giving Thanks, by M. J. Ryan (Conari Press, 2007).


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I imediately got a heart symbol which I will hold sacred and I'm very grateful. I often forget to honor all the organs that bring me life and this brought another dimention to by daily gratitude.