Green Back to School

As a kid, we didn’t go back to school until after Labor Day, and when your entire life has only been more or less 520 weeks long, three weeks of summer still left seems like an eternity. I do realize that kids are already back in school in some areas, but in deference to bygone days and summer that lasts all the way through August – arguably the most summery of summer months – I’m only now doing my green your back to school list.

  • Green School Supply Kit from ReBinder: Includes three-ring binder, pocket folders, lined paper, graph paper and more.
  • Recycled backpack: Made from recycled plastic bottles and sold
  • Binders from Naked Binder: They’re 100 percent recycled, plastic-free and FSC certified.
  • Recycled newspaper pencils from TreeSmart: They look cool and they’re good for the planet.
  • Eco-friendly lunch: There are several options for taking food to school:
    Eco Lunch Boxes, which are really pretty, 100 organic convertible cotton sacks with all your lunch eating needs inside.
    LunchBots, made from 100 percent stainless steel – no plastic.
    Kids Konserve, PVC and phalate free, stainless steel lunch systems.
  • Planners and journals: Ecosystem produces a series of planners and journals from 100 percent post-consumer paper content and they’re made in the USA!
  • Messenger bag: Earth Diva’srice messenger bag is both recycled and fair trade.

There are hundreds of great green school products out there and this list is just to get you thinking. Nearly everything you could want or need for school is now made with recycled content, fair trade manufacturing principles and thought given to both environmental and social stewardship. Whether you buy just one eco-friendly item or several this year, you are doing your part.

- Jocelyn Broyles







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