Green Girl Dresses the Dining Hall

Winter break is over, and my old lovely memories of the college dining situation are coming back. No more freshly made stir fries and fresh mozzarella dishes for dinner. Nope. Soggy cooked veggies and undercooked rice for the win (or loss, really). At least, thatís what I was thinking when I entered Dewick (the dining hall) tonight for dinner.

Let me go back a little. My friend Marysa came to stay with me for the last few days of break, and over this break, we contemplated our hate for the dining hall and if there was any possibility of lessening this hatred while still being healthy (aka not going for the pizza and pasta because those are the only seemingly edible things available). What we decided was that we could deal with the salads if only the dressings were not so terrible. There is so much sugar in the dressings in the dining hall that I canít bear to put them on my salads. Plus, they just taste bad in general. But the actual vegetables arenít bad, and they have a good salad bar, with chickpeas and beans and tofu, usually (though, sometimes I avoid these because theyíre next to the chicken–gross!).

Well. Tonight, Marysa and I walked into Dewick dreading, and walked out loving! We had gone to the health food store in my town and bought Annieís salad dressings–me, Organic Cucumber Yogurt Dressing, and her, Organic Sesame Ginger with Chamomile Vinaigrette, both of which use only fruit juice and honey for sweeteners! We brought them with us to Dewick and used them for dressing, and my dinner was actually good!

It really is the small things in life that make a difference. For those of you uncertain how you can possibly make it through another semester in the dining halls, take my advice: Get little things, like salad dressing, spices, and sauces. Carry them with you when youíre going to the dining hall, and fix your food! It really did help. I left dinner very satisfied and very optimistic about the dining situation for the semester ahead.

Note to self: Dressing for the win.

Lily Berthold-Bond grew up in a chemical-free zone and has struggled her whole life to understand and accept this non-commercial lifestyle. Now a sophomore at Tufts University, she has embraced her green life and hopes to share its possibilities with the rest of her generation.


Karen Martinez
Karen Martinez6 years ago

Thirty years ago our college dining hall had vinegar and olive oil available on the salad bar. I must have been very fortunate to attend a university where the food was awesome! I guess the appreciation by the students became apparent when the city was immobilized during an ice storm, and the students worked with the dining hall manager to continue to create great meals and take care of all the clean-up.

Terry V.
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Sailor H.
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SLK S6 years ago

thanks for sharing

natalie n.
natalie n6 years ago

haha, a good thoughtful detour. its the little things that make a difference, i shall endeavour to eat healthier during office lunch breaks.

Rhonda Bird
Rhonda B6 years ago

thank you!

Danuta Watola
Danuta Watola6 years ago

thanks for sharing

Inari T.
Inari T6 years ago

Good thinking - as you say, little touches can make a big difference, though personally, I'm just as happy to eat "naked" salads.

Nils Lunde
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