Green Tips from Bill Trash

Every month I carefully set aside the bills until they all arrive. Then I ignore them for as long as I can. Eventually my conscience starts to get the better of me. “Don’t let the checks be late. You’ll be assessed late fees which will hurt your credit score. You’ll never be able to get a loan, all the banks will reject you and you’ll end up living in the streets.” My conscience is a bit dramatic, but very persuasive.

When the bills are finally in the mail, I’m left with a sense of relief and a significant pile of leftover junk mail. I dutifully recycle the small mound of paperwork often without paying it much attention. A few months ago, I actually read some of that extra paperwork and was pleasantly surprised by the many gems of “free” advice.

Beat the summer heat
Our gas and electricity billing statement had the following recommendations:
• Keep hydrated and drink plenty of water, even when you are not thirsty.
• Wear lightweight, loose, light-colored clothing.
• Stay out of direct sunlight.
• Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine.

Prepare for an emergency
Our phone company acknowledges that phone lines get bogged down following an emergency because of the volume of calls. They recommend:
• Choose an emergency contact outside your area and provide this person with a list of people to call on your behalf–that way you only need to call one number and have them call everyone else on your list to tell them you are OK.
• Get a battery-powered radio and lots of batteries.
• Call 9-1-1 for help, but not for news.

Conserve water
Our water company has a deluge of water conservation suggestions such as:
• Water during the early morning or late evening.
• Use mulch around plants to hold in moisture.
• Install drip irrigation when updating your landscaping.
• Use a broom to clean sidewalks, driveways and pavement areas instead of a hose.

This month when you pay your bills, take a few minutes and scan all the extra paper. There may be great tidbits of information to make your home safer and more environmentally friendly.


Shalvah Landy
Past Member 6 years ago

Lesson to the wise! Don't automatically disregard something as junk, There just may be something worth your attention !

Robert O.
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evelyn m.
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thank you

Christina G.
Christina G9 years ago

Dear Bill,

Thanks for your great blog! Do you have any advice for "green" ways to deter insects (especially scorpions!) from the home? I live in Las Vegas & during the summer (110-117 degrees) the scorpions become very active, esp at night. We have an exterminator who uses "eco-friendly" & supposedly safe-for-mammals products monthly. However, I am wanting to take extra pre-cautions in the house to protect the young children & small pets. I have been stung previously & it did make me feel pretty sick for about 24 hours. I do not like to use caustic chemicals, so would appreciate any suggestions to deter these critters away from the house. Thanks again!

Christina G.
Christina G9 years ago

Dear Andrew,

Great blog with lots of useful info!
Do you have advice for "green" ways to deter insects, especially scorpions from the home? We have an "eco-friendly" exterminator monthly, but during the hottest summer months 110-117 here in Las Vegas, the scorpions become very active (mostly at night). I've been stung previously & am mostly worried for my small pets & young nieces & nephews who often visit. I do not like to use caustic chemicals & really just want to keep the scorpions out of the house. I've read somewhere that Borax or talc can sometimes deter them, so I try that near the entry points. Any further suggestions?

Sudhatest T.
Sudhatest T.9 years ago

thank you for suggetions!

Sudha Chennupati
sudha chennupati9 years ago

thank you!