Centering and Grounding a Room Using Stones

Crystals amplify energy, and it is for this reason that they are used in energy healing as a way to amplify a particular healing vibration.

Some are so strong and powerful their vibration can shift the energy in a room, and even an entire house or ecosystem. “It is believed that crystals are natural purifiers of subtle energies because they absorb negative energies and transmit only those frequencies of a positive, beneficial nature,” writes Richard Gerber, MD, in Vibrational Medicine.

Learn how to center and ground a room in your home using stones!

English author Sue Phillips, in her book, Healing Stones, has taught me much about finding healing stones just there, where you are, in your garden, or in a field. Whenever I thought of finding new stones for energy healing purposes, I always went to a store!. I hadn’t looked out of my front door at the rocks there, or spent time with the pebbles brought home from ocean beaches. I thought of rocks, stones and pebbles as so inanimate it never occurred to me to even try to pay attention to them. I ignored them! Little did I know that I was ignoring power houses of energy right there in my backyard.

By placing big stones– everyday stones that are a eight inches to a foot high or so– in the four corners of a room, you take away energetic shadows, the energy of a low vibration. By taking away square corners, you make the room a circle, echoing the great stone circles of the past. Square rooms made into circles bring centering and grounding, as well as softening, to the room. The sense of the soul is often represented by being the center of a circle, and when your room is a circle, it is symbolic of your soul being in the center of the circle. Being in the center of a circle offers healing to the heart center. The circle embraces you, and gives you safety. Just make sure to keep adjusting the placement of the stones until they feel just right.

By Annie B. Bond


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