Grow a Green Baby

In the simplest of terms, we plant the seeds and watch our children grow. The nurturing decisions parents make while their children are babies set the tone for their lifetime. Why not start them on a healthy and natural path?

Every generation has its childcare authorities that have guided parents towards making informed choices. My parents could recite Dr. Spock’s manifesto, Baby and Childcare word for word. He told his followers, “Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do. My generation tuned into Penelope Leach’s, Your Baby and Child From Birth to Age 5. She said, “Loving a baby is a circular business, a kind of feedback loop. The more you give the more you get and the more you get the more you feel like giving.” Now, Claire Gillman reaches a new group of new parents with A Green Guide to Bringing Up Your Baby. Gillman’s all about giving a baby a green life: “A greener approach not only will benefit your new baby by providing her with the healthiest and most natural environment in which to grow and thrive, but will also promote a healthier future for you and your whole family and, as an additional and welcome bonus, benefit our planet too.”

It is our natural instinct to protect our children and keep them from harm. Parents are presented with thousands of decisions during the first few years of a child’s life. I suppose all parents go through similar feelings of being overwhelmed with typical baby situations — sleeping, eating, crying, teething, talking, walking etc. Today’s moms and dads have the extra pressure of comprehending and balancing all of the latest environmental data about how to keep baby happy and safe.

A Green Guide to Bringing Up Your Baby is the new authoritative baby bible by childcare expert, Claire Gillman. It presents how a green approach to bringing up baby, not only protects parents and babies from potentially harmful chemicals and additives, but helps form a deeper family bond. The book provides easy tips about everything from developing eating habits to greening the nursery. The book sets out to help new parents make informed choices that affect their family’s lifestyle and the planet.

I think probably one of the most significant changes in having a baby in 2010 is the dearth of information that the Internet provides. The sheer volume of child care consumer education information available on the Internet, combined with the non-specific nature of the material, may require parents to invest a great deal of time disseminating what works best for their family and the planet.

Here is a list of 20 green-minded parenting blogs (adapted from The Green Baby Guide):

Baby Cheapskate Saving Big Bucks on Baby Stuff. This site alerts you to deals, sales, and special coupons for diapers, car seats, toys–anything you might need for a baby.

The Cloth Diaper Blog boasts a wealth of information on cloth diapering.

Cookie has crafts, cooking, articles and more for families from Cookie magazine.

Crunchy Domestic Goddess blogs about hot topics in the green world.

Eco Child’s Play talks about green parenting.

Enviormom is written by two Portland moms. Check them out for discussions on sustainable energy, ideas for reducing household waste, and eco-friendly crafts.

Gray Matters is a stay-at-home mom who cares about the environment. She has a slew of interesting crafts, menu plans, and thoughts on motherhood.

Great Green Baby showcases the latest and greatest green baby products on the market.

Green Mom Review offers quick reviews of a variety of eco-friendly products.

Green Style Mom muses about her life with her husband, kids, cats, and dog.

Inhabitots is a green guide for products from the Inhabitat folks.

Little Green Blog shows how a family goes green on the other side of the pond.

Mindful Momma blogs about finding “the balance between living green and going broke.”

Natural Papa gives us a glimpse into a dad’s take on natural parenting.

Nature Moms has gained a following for her informative posts about healthful foods, natural home remedies, and safer products for the whole family.

Organic Baby Resource Blog has the “long-term health of our children” in mind as it shares “the wisdom gained from personal experiences, medical experts and organic industry veterans.”

Outdoor Baby offers tips for enjoying outdoor activities with babies and kids in tow.

The Pregnancy and Baby Blog is your go-to spot for news on fertility, pregnancy, and early babyhood.

The Simple Life is written by a crafty, creative mother of three.

Treehugging Family is another one of our old favorites, discussing eco-news and products for the whole family.


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