Hair Color Disaster? 6 Ways to Fix It—Naturally.

It’s a familiar beauty story for many women.

We get adventurous and want to try a darker hair color.

When the results are darker than anticipated or we simply tire of the dark hue, what can be done? Going to the salon and stripping the color could be damaging. Trying another box of color from the grocery store might compound the problem. Thankfully, there are many ways to naturally lighten dyed hair without additional damage or expense.

1. Vitamin C

The citric acid in vitamin C can help lighten hair. One of the simplest natural remedies to brighten your strands is to make this treatment. Crush 15-20 vitamin C tablets into a fine powder and combine with a small amount of anti-dandruff shampoo to make a paste. Then, gently massage the paste through damp hair. Leave the mixture in for 1-2 hours by using a shower cap to cover it. Rinse gently and use a deep conditioner to avoid dry-out.

2. Lemon juicenaturally lighten dyed hair

Another simple and practical way to lighten your locks is by using lemon juice. Simply add some lemon juice to a spray bottle, thoroughly spritz your tresses, and spend some time outdoors in the sun.

Because it’s made of citric acid, the warmth of the sun causes the hair cuticle to open. This begins to lift some of the pigment. The result is gradually lighter hair each time. It may take a week or two of daily use for your hair to appear lighter, depending on how dark it was to begin with.

3. Chamomile Tea

A strong batch of this mellow tea can soften and lighten your overworked strands. First, steep several tea bags for 30-60 minutes. Once the tea cools, add a few tablespoons to your conditioner. (Save the rest in an empty container for future use or add to shampoo to pack a bit more punch.) When you shower, let the chamomile conditioner sit for several minutes and rinse. If possible, sit in the sun to air dry. It won’t happen overnight, but continued use of chamomile will gradually lighten your hair color.

Take a break to listen to this Green Divas Radio Show, where we talk about toxins at hair salons and how some in the industry are trying to go green …

4. Cinnamon

Long known for its medicinal properties, cinnamon also provides a sweet way to lighten your hair. Mix 3-4 tablespoons of cinnamon powder with your conditioner to make a thick paste. Cover damp hair thoroughly with the paste and comb through. Secure hair with a clip and cover head with a shower cap. Leave on overnight to lighten hair. Repeat as often as you like since this method will not damage the follicle. Your hair will smell and look delicious!

5. Sea Salt

There’s a reason those surfer girls have sun-kissed hair–sea salt. You can mimic these results over time by making your own sea salt mixture. Take 1/2 cup sea salt and mix a little bit of water with it to make a paste. Apply to damp hair and spend some time in the sun. Rinse thoroughly following your sun session. This is a great way to slowly lighten hair and enjoy some outdoor time in the process.

6. Honey

How sweet! Honey naturally contains a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, making it a great natural remedy to lighten hair without damaging it. (Note: Do not apply hydrogen peroxide directly to hair as it can be very irritating and may turn hair orange.) Simply mix 1/3 cup of honey with 1/4 cup of conditioner. Dampen your hair and thoroughly apply. Comb through to ensure it’s evenly coated. Use a shower cap and leave mixture on hair for eight hours. To speed the lightening process, add cinnamon or lemon juice to the paste each time.

So the next time you’re having a hair color conundrum, don’t run to the salon and risk completely ruining your hair with chemical treatments. Take the natural route to correct, brighten, and soften your color.

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A friend has a pool and she showed me the lemon trick, except she just squeezed the juice from the lemon right on her hair.

I had my hair dyed Red at Ulta a couple of years ago and hated the color. I wish I'd known these tricks then.
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Changing to natural lifestyle helps. I also suggests Amla Shampoo, Henna etc..

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I have heard Rum will too It's like Cranberry juice you sit in the sun for about 15 Min or so