Hard Questions About Spirituality

For many of us, religion is something that we observe when someone is born, marries or dies. Suddenly, the religion you were raised with, the traditions your family may have followed, become vitally important.

Here are 8 hard questions to ask yourself and your partner, if you are in a committed relationship, that can help you to clarify your expectations, hopes, and needs around spirituality. Read the questions here:

1. Do we share a religion? Do we belong to a church, synagogue, mosque or temple? More than one? If not, would our relationship benefit from such an affiliation?

2. Do we share a spiritual practice such as meditation, yoga, or some other type of ďnon-traditionalĒ observance? If not, would adding such a practice enrich our lives together?

3. Does one of us have an individual spiritual practice? Is the practice and the time devoted to it acceptable to the other? Does each partner understand and respect the otherís choices?

4. What does each desire of the other in terms of support and/or participation in the otherís practice?

5. How do we mark birthdays and deaths within our family?

6. What place do spiritual and/or religious beliefs play in our home and homelife?

7. Do we observe any spiritual rituals? Celebrate any religious holidays? Together? Separately?

8. Will we be buried? Where? If not, what do we want to happen to our bodies?

Adapted from The Hard Questions, by Susan Piver, who will be teaching the Creative Power of Meditation, www.eomega.org.


Loo Samantha
Loo sam5 years ago


Bonnie M.
Bonnie M5 years ago

If one has to search far and wide the meaning of spirituality- they will be looking for a long time. Either you know you are spiritual or not. People also confuse religion and spirituality. One's beliefs may also be rooted in their cultural beliefs, family values , traditions and customs. People of long ago never needed to pursue a quest for spirituality- yet, some respect the connection with Mother Earth, bless their food before they eat. Many have been practising meditation and the like for centuries. Again, the question of spiritual would not have been in their minds. We live in a society where validation has to come outside the person's values and who they are. Spirituality is indeed elusive and confusing for the part time practitioner/believer.

Elaine A.
Elaine Al Meqdad5 years ago

I completely agree. It is imperative that those who seek out those of the same label of say Christianity, truly discuss their beliefs as although many call themselves Christians. They sit in the same hard pews for years and years and are feed false doctrines by preachers who are 1 line scripture lawyers and then go on and on with their Dr. Phil, feel good warm and fuzzy show for an hour without teaching one solid lesson from God's word.

Michael Wecke
Michael Wecke5 years ago

Very important to get clarity on those questions. Tolerance of the other just as important for a successful relationship.

No B.
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Marianne B.
Marianne B5 years ago

Good article, thanks

Ajla C.
Past Member 5 years ago

Da li iko uopšte zna koliko religija ima.

peggy p.
peggy p6 years ago

helpful questions that are necessary

Robert O.
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Jennifer C.
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Thank you.