Healing Vegetarian Dog Food Recipe

For dogs suffering a variety of ailments and illnesses, this vegetarian dog food has been a saving grace. Testimonies keep pouring in from people whose dogs were quite ill, yet recovered remarkably when they switched to this diet. The recipe is courtesy of Vicky Lynn, founder of †Asians for Humans, Animals and Nature (AHAN). It may look complicated, but really takes very little time–and the results are beyond worthwhile.

Vegetarian Dog Food Recipe

1 cup quick cooking oats
ľ cup soy flour or soy milk powder (can substitute with smashed, cooked pinto beans )
ľ cup wheat bran
1 tbsp soy lecithin
1 tbsp yeast ( optional )
1 tbsp wheat germ
1 tbsp ground sunflower seeds
1/6 tbsp molasses
1 tsp ground flax seed
Ĺ tbsp oil (organic, unprocessed oil )

Mix all together and soak in hot water for about 20 minutes and then it will be ready to serve.
You can put all ingredients in a small plastic jar or prepare multiple jars at the same time and place all of them in the freezer. Take each jar out when you are ready and add hot water.

Servings: One daysí meal for a small dog. (For medium and large dogs, double the recipe.)

A note from AHAN: Asians for Humans, Animals and Nature is a San Francisco-based, non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on animal and environmental welfare.†As we all know the economy is not doing very well. We are receiving more requests for help to take over well-behaved animals that will otherwise be put down. We donít have a shelter, all our animals are in foster homes. If you or anyone you know can help us foster, please visit our site–find a dog with a temperament that you think you can foster, fill out an online application, and indicate that you are interested in fostering that dog in the comment area. Short term or long term are all welcome. It will really make a difference to keep us going. Thank you!



Angela H.
Angela Hunter5 years ago

My dog is wheat intolerant, he cannot have cereals in his dog food. He has IBS and it really makes his coat dull and nasty. I would never change my dog to veggie just because of my personal eating habits.

Tamara R Pearlman

There is a lot to be said for a vegetarian diet. And, I can see the need for this for dogs with ailments. If one of my pets were on meds I'd certainly make this for them. And, there is protein in this recipe in the sunflower seeds.

My biggest concern is with the grains in dog food. I use Nutro and have for decades; however there is corn meal in there and as a GMO this is neither healthy for human or animal consumption. We must encourage dog food manufacturers to use healthier ingredients for our pets. If not, than many of us may choose the route of making our dogs their own food.

I know that when one of my dogs has an upset tummy, I boil chicken and rice, and feed them that until they feel better. That is healthier than most dog foods. If you love your pet this step is worth taking!!

Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton5 years ago


Fiona T.
Past Member 5 years ago

Our furry friends deserves every thoughtfulness of us

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Kate L.
Kate L.7 years ago

Definitely run this by a vet first, very few dogs have animal protein allergies and they truly would benefit greatly from switching to a veg. diet. Most, however, need meat to live and have properly functioning bodies. First and foremost look at what you are feeding your animal if it is dog chow, beneful or something of the like try switching to a premium food like Natural Balance LID, Organix, or Wellness. If there is no improvement then and only then would I suggest a diet like this. (after a visit to the vet, of course!!!)

KrassiAWAY B.
Krasimira B7 years ago

Noted with great interest, thank you.

Sandra S.
Sandra S7 years ago

@Ruth Serra "Sure Grandma!" What's that supposed to mean?

Patricia G.
Patricia G7 years ago

Thanks for sharing. Animals are some of my best friends in life.

Tom Sullivan
Tom C Sullivan7 years ago

We must take care of our doggie children