Heart Attack Risk Increased by Diesel Fumes

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh studied diesel emissions at levels that would be found in heavily polluted cities. They found that ultrafine particles in diesel emissions can damage heart tissue and the vascular system, because they cause the generation of free radicals internally. Damage in the veins or arteries can increase the chances of blood clot formation, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. “For now our advice remains the same – people with heart disease should avoid spending long periods outside in areas where traffic pollution is likely to be high, such as on or near busy roads,” said Jeremy Pearson, Associate Medical Director at the British Heart Foundation. Their study paper was published the European Heart Journal paper – “Combustion-derived nanoparticulate induces the adverse vascular effects of diesel exhaust inhalation,”

So, what are the top sources of diesel emissions? According to dPollution International Inc. a company that tries to reduce diesel pollution they are:

  • Long-haul transport trucks (tractor trailers)
  • garbage and recycling trucks
  • buses
  • construction
  • farming
  • industrial equipment
  • delivery vehicles
  • locomotives
  • marine vessels

Occupational exposure to diesel fumes is known to occur for truckers, dock workers, farmers, auto mechanics, miners and railroad workers. Ports are known for their handling of a tremendous volume of shipping containers with diesel-powered vessels and trucks. Their air pollution is often one of the top sources of diesel fumes, so some of them have implemented reduction programs. One of the main reduction actions is simply replacing the older more polluting trucks with new ones.

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Terry V.
Terry V4 years ago

Realistically EVERYTHING connected with oil will kill us and the earth eventually.


Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson6 years ago

Wow I thought diesel was always better than regular exaust fumes. I know that diesel exaust fumes will not kill you if you are dumb enough to try, only regular gas motors, for the CO2 etc. that will kill people and animals.

Thanks for the info!

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Carole R.
Carole R6 years ago

Scary but true.

Youssef A.
Youssef A6 years ago

"Do not Corrupt the earth..." (Quran 7:56)

Khat Bliss
Past Member 6 years ago

I didn't know that, but I have always hated the smell of diesel!

Jerry t.
Jerold t6 years ago

This is silly! Diesels are designed to run on peanut oil. Is there a problem here? Peanuts are the worse nuts you can eat, so why not use them for oil? And using them won't starve out the third world like other bio fuels do. Shell might not agree, but so what?
We can get 150 mph simply by vaporizing the gasoline before combustion. This improves horsepower to boot! The man who discovered this was mysteriously found dead. Same with Mr. Diesel. I don't think we should be playing this Shell game anymore.

Chris Ray
Chris R6 years ago

I believe it! Thanks Jake!~

Nicole G.
Nicole Gorman6 years ago

I livedin NYC for 17 years and after moving to San Francisco which has the green/electric buses I can actually feel the difference in my breathing!

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W6 years ago

thank you