Heart Intelligence: Connecting the Physical & Spiritual Heart

Last week Sara Childre wrote about research on heart intelligence and how our physical heart communicates with our brain in ways that can bring us more mental clarity and intuition. This week I’ll talk about how a spiritual or energetic heart may be interfacing with the physical heart through the heart’s intelligence.

Researchers have found evidence that our heart’s electromagnetic field (generated by each heartbeat) forms an energy field that is coupled to a field of information not bound by the classic limits of time and space. The term spiritual heart or energetic heart refers to this coupling to what many call their higher power, higher self, universal source, etc. It’s what physicist David Bohm called the implicate order and undivided wholeness.

Researchers are now theorizing that the energetic heart functions as a “receiving station” through which non-linear information couples to the physical heart. By intentionally engaging sincere heart feelings like love, care, appreciation or compassion, we generate a coherent or sine-wave like heart rhythm pattern. The more coherent we are, the more receptive we become to this field of intuitive heart intelligence.

Lady sitting on rockStudies conducted at Institute of HeartMath and elsewhere seem to support the theory that the energetic heart communicates a steady stream of intuitive information to the physical heart, then to the brain / mind (Electrophysiology of Intuition). In most cases, we access only a small percentage of this information, because the mind tends to override the frequency.


What’s exciting is that human beings can learn to intentionally generate heart rhythm coherence to align with and become more conscious of this heart intelligence. Heart intuition is a bridge line that provides the transfer of wisdom and knowledge from this information field into our perception. The practice of consciously living from the heart increases intuitive access, and as we listen to our heart intuition, our discernment increases and we make better choices and life decisions. In today’s times, more and more people are experiencing an intuitive nudge to “get on the move” to become the best that they can be. Sometimes our heart’s intuition whispers directions, other times it firmly suggests that it is time to move from stuck places and patterns.

As Sara discussed in last week’s article, heart coherence also creates a coherent alignment between heart, mind and emotions that makes it easier to manage our emotions. Anytime we can neutralize emotional reactions and opinions, it helps activate the flow of our heart’s intuition for suggesting balanced perceptions and effective choices when discerning solutions or life directions. It is often the lack of coherent alignment between the heart’s intuition, mind, and emotions that generates resistance and stress. When our heart connection fades we lose access to intuitive guidance and the mind and emotions often become chaotic, resulting in feelings of overload, irritability, impatience, and so on. Most of us are aware of how being stuck in these stress loops increases our tendency to say or do things we later regret and the resulting time and energy waste that we often self-create. At times we do get an intuitive insight of what to say or do that would prevent stress, but sometimes that intuition is not what we want to hear, because our mind is made up about what we want.


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Up Next – Practical Intuition

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Learning to generate a heart coherent state to access our intuitive intelligence at the onset of stressful feelings and reactions can help prevent many stress-producing scenarios and creates a much easier transit and flow through our daily challenges. Our intuition helps us to attune our mental and emotional nature to the most reasonable and effective way for responding to each situation that life brings us—challenging, normal, or creative. We call it practical intuition, and see it as the most important function of intuition.

Practical Intuition

Practicing heart coherence a few minutes several times a day helps you be more conscious and intuitive at choice points – you get to choose your actions and reactions rather than mechanically responding in the same old stress-producing behavior patterns. Here are some practical situations where accessing heart intuition can be very helpful.

  • Making better choices for higher outcomes.
  • Increasing your capacity for discerning direction in sensitive situations.
  • Deciding when is it time to speak up or when is it time to hold back.
  • Determining what attitude you should bring to a particular situation.
  • Detecting when life is feeding back to us that we need to change an attitude, disposition.
  • To help guide your diet and health choices

As HeartMath founder Doc Childre says, “Accessing heart intuition is not one quick trick. (Some think it is and that’s why many people get frustrated with intuition.) You have to practice opening and connecting with the heart for intuition to grow within you. Opening your heart, practicing more heart connection with people, listening from the heart, draw in more intuition. Self-compassion, self-forgiveness, and having compassion and forgiveness for others, draw in more intuition. Intuition is just the voice of who you really are.” We have a choice in every moment to ‘take to heart’ the importance of activating our heart’s intuitive intelligence and guidance.

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