Heavenly Encounters: Animals in the Afterlife


By Laura S.

My husband and I had identical dreams on the night we brought home Lofu’s ashes in a little wooden box. As we slept, our beloved tabby cat climbed through the landscape of our unconscious minds with familiar purrs and face bumps and paws in our laps. He was strong and young again and there was no denying that he was utterly content. When we talked about it in the morning, we realized that we had experienced the exact same vivid dream at about the same time during the night.

We had found Lofu many moons ago when he was a feather-weight kitten. He had been wandering down a sidewalk near Fenway Park in Boston. We were college students at the time, and after a fruitless search for a mother cat or other kittens, we swept Lofu inside our apartment and set off for the grocery store to buy cat food and litter and all the usual goodies. He was our very first rescue and the first cat I ever shared my home with. The loss of Lofu was devastating for both of us, yet the synchronized dreams of his well being in the afterlife gave us great comfort.

For anyone who has ever grieved the loss of a pet, there are inevitable questions. Did I do the right thing in letting him go? Is he OK now? Is he in heaven? Does he know how much I love him? The sorrow and longing we feel during such moments is so universal yet our understanding of what comes next is not. And while there are many theories on the existence of an afterlife, many experts swear that animals who have left their physical bodies are very much alive at a soul level.

Our Pets Carry On In Spirit

Daria Justyn is a psychic medium who earned accreditation from the prestigious Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential. She is widely regarded as one of the top psychics in America, and although her primary focus in on human relationships, she explains that it is not uncommon for pets to drop by to say hello.

“Animals come through all the time,” Daria explains. “In fact, it’s not unusual for a pet who died 20 years ago to make themselves known during a reading. An opportunity to reconnect with a departed pet has such a healing affect on people and instills a sense of reassurance about our loved ones, both man and animal, on the other side.”

“The most charismatic animal I’ve connected with to date is a pig,” Daria continues. “I saw this pig sleeping happily, quite comfy and cozy in a kitchen. That image completely baffled me. I admit that I briefly wondered, ‘Are they going to eat him?’ But sure enough, the woman I was reading for explained that she had once taken in a pig from someone who had foolishly bought it on a whim and then couldn’t care for it. The woman who rescued the pig knew nothing about raising it, and especially about keeping it in her house, but she soon educated herself and found that the emotional rewards were worth every moment of caring for her new pet. The pig, which ultimately was given the name Queenie, took the opportunity to appear during the reading to show her gratitude for the life of love she’d been given.”


Talking With Pets Who Have Crossed Over

Oephebia is a French-born animal communicator living in London where she uses her gifts to engage in telepathic conversations with pets. Her loyal clientele from Europe and the United States rely on Oephebia to act as a translator of sorts. She helps them through health crises, behavioral problems and, yes, even death.

“Death often plays a part in my work with animals and their guardians, from helping an animal to go to the light during euthanasia or contacting a departed animals,” Oephebia explains. “Messages from beyond the veil are so varied. For instance, some animals seem to know what their guardian have been up to. They relay affirmations about things their humans are doing such as having a baby, changing their hairstyle or moving to a new home. Other animals express their wish that their guardian give a new animal a home.”

Yet one of Oephebia’s most extraordinary conversations was not with a pet, but with a wild animal in Africa.

“My most powerful animal communication from beyond the veil was with a wild female hippo that was living in Zimbabwe,” Oephebia recalls. “Not only did the hippo give me details about the life she had lived, but also about the tragic way that she was killed. She conveyed that she wanted her guardian at the Turgwe Hippo Trust to continue her wildlife protection work. And she went on to portray the afterlife as a place of great peace and serenity, where all species are in perfect harmony, a place of pure love.”

What Does the Animals’ Afterlife Look Like?

In a new book titled, “Interviews from the Ark,” interviewer Joy Ward teams up with animal communicator Missa Dixon to talk with dozens of animals in this world and beyond. They meet a Bernese Mountain Dog who helps children learn to read to repay a karmic debt, an opossum who wants to be human and a chinchilla working hard to keep his household calm.

“The animals who have passed all described the same place,” Joy said. “It’s a green, warm, soothing, comforting place where they go between each life to recoup and plan for the next life. We have translated it as Mother Ooze. Almost all of the animals talked about previous lives and even what they wanted in future lives.”

Need Help Connecting With the Departed?

  • Daria Jusytn, Psychic Medium based in South Carolina. Appointments via phone.
  • Oephebia, Animal Communicator and healer based in London. (speaks English and French) Appointments via phone or Skype. 
  • Dawn Allen, Animal Communicator based in Massachusetts. Appointments via phone.

Have You Ever Had An Experience With a Pet in the Afterlife?

So what do you think? Have you ever been visited by a departed pet? Do you believe that animals have eternal souls? Share your thoughts below, and may we all be respectful of one another’s beliefs.

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Karl H
Karl Habout a year ago

This gives me some hope..My life has been totally ruined after my beautiful cat Ollie was hit by a car 2 and a half years ago aged 6..My sole companion. I have no family or relatives and no longer see what friends I have. I can no longer find any happiness in anything and simply exist rather than live, drifting through life as if in a fog of pain,loss and sadness.I worry for my soul as I fear I will carry this sadness with me when I pass..I wonder where Ollie is daily,and if I will ever be with him again.I lost my parents before their time too, but even that was not as traumatic as the separation I feel from Ollie's sudden accident..I dream about him often and I heard him call once,but I am not sure if it was my subconscious mind..I don't think I can recover from this it has been over 2 years and I am still in complete despair..sorry!! this is not joyful reading but I have noone to talk to about how this has impacted on life

Kimberley Spinney

When my Mother was in the hospital her beloved Chow/Lab died she has mourned him since 08 and I sincerely wish there was some way to give her closure. She blames herself for his passing

Brigid C.
Brigid C7 years ago

LOsing a beloved pet is very traumatic. I am hoping to see my animals in heaven, and hoping to have a horse that I always wanted!

Patricia W.
Patricia W7 years ago

I just read a comment that this is all ridiculous. When I, and my husband, saw Jake, it was broad daylight and we were awake. I was stooped down to pull out a sofa and Jake kitty-jumped from behind and walked quickly to me and I FELT his head-bump. Jake was solid as I, until he did fade out.

This was NOT wishful thinking. This happened. I was just as surprised as anyone would be. I was the one who held Jake as he slipped away to the other side.

When we're in dream-state, we're more open to other places. I consider us all blessed that we can have a final bit of peace given to us by our loved companions.

Jane R.
Jane R7 years ago

I couldn't read this without crying. I thought about all the pets I've had. I didn't read the replies because I knew they would make me cry more.

Peggy Peters
Peggy Peters7 years ago

Beacuse of his failing health, I had no choice but to let my best friend go and it almost destroyed my whole family. Our faith teaches us that heaven awaits. My faith is strong but I don't feel quite right without my boy around. It would be nice if he and I could communicate one more time. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him terribly.

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe7 years ago

I have had many cats and dogs go over the Rainbow bridge, but I will tell of one who came back and told me she was OK now.

Her name was Patches and she was a small Calico cat. She was living 3 houses down and decided one night she liked our house better. She came in and never went back out again.

We had 4 other cats at the time and they all had been fixed. My husband lost his job and we didn't have the money to get her spayed.

By the time my husband got another job and we got caught up on the bills, it was 3 years later that she got spayed. She was about 5 by that time.

By the time she was 15, she stopped eating, so I took her to the vet. She had a mammatory growth and there was nothing he could do for her.

I took her home because I didn't want her to die alone. She lived another 6 months.

A week after she died, I was outside at lunch one day. An absolutely beautiful Monarch butterfly flew by and sort of glided beside me in slow motion.

I knew Patches was trying to tell me she was OK and that I could stop crying for her because she was in a better place.

You see, I am a Butterfly freak. I have them in every room of our house and I plant flowers to encourage them to our yard.

I really believe an animal can tell you they love you with what they do with snuggles or from the grave in some way.

Marianne Barto
Marianne B7 years ago

I really related to this story. When I lost my beloved Duke (mixed German Shephard), I cried every time I saw one. It took me 3 years to stop crying, but I still miss him, and greatly hope to see him in heaven waiting for me. He was the best dog, I adopted from the Humane Society when he was an adult. My children were very small, so we didn't know what to expect. He was well loved by all. Gentle, yet protective.

Dottie J.
d Johns7 years ago

Yes I have

They are listed on my one pet site http://www.petchaplaindottie.com/

I have lost quite a few (I am in rescue) in the last 10 years.I have had many signs that they have made it to Heaven.

I also do Reiki & have talked to many animals some from Heaven.

There are also many scriptures in the Bible that verify it. Some experiences are told on the site under Do pets go to Heaven but there are more I have to put on there & the most recent one was a real shock for me. It was of my little blind & handicapped PM Schnauzer ( Winnie) I waited for months for a sign from Heaven & one evening out of the blue- I was standing at the back door watching the others I had left out to do their thing. A rainbow (Hugh) formed over the sky in front of me and a cloud came up underneath it. & formed a gray & white form the exact picture of my Winnie. It was so real looking I cried and I knew he made it to Heaven and was OK.

They sure do go to Heaven. They are God's creatures and he looks after them.

Maria Estrada
Maria Giraldo7 years ago

I hope there is a rainbow bridge for all animals.Thanks for the article is very beautiful and deep