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There is a simple and profound magic in planting a tree. Watching as each new leaf reaches towards the light, breathing in toxins and exhaling life-giving oxygen; all fed in part by the water captured during the last rainfall. Those that strive to save and revitalize our forest, live sustainably and teach compassionate conservation are both admirable and too few.

Recently a friend told me about a wonderful group of these individuals that are in need of our help: Sadhana Forest. Their mission is best described in this five minute video, but if you can’t watch it now please read on.

ďIn a spirit of human unity, [Sadhana Forest's] aim is to introduce a growing number of people to sustainable living and veganism. Our energy and resources are focused on the creation of a vibrant, indigenous Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest (TDEF). The main aim of this ecological project is to support the local rural villages: By retaining water and filling the aquifer, Sadhana Forest allows the villagers to cultivate their food and prevents exodus towards nearby city slums. From Sadhana Forest website

As you can see, Sadhana Forest’s mission is inspiring, and over the last nine years their work has seen great success. Recently though, their community in Auroville, India was hit by a devastating cyclone and the majority of current living structures were damaged or destroyed.

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NB: All videos and photographs are from the Sadhana Forest website.

On the 30th of December, Cyclone Thane hit the Sadhana Forest Auroville community. Villupuram (the district Sadhana Forrest is located in) suffered the worst damage.

All the living structures, laundry and other facilities were damaged and 14 living structures were completely destroyed. The forest only fared slightly better. The majority of TDEF trees survived, but many older trees, Acacias, the vegetable garden and orchard were completely lost.

Their work lives on though, and rebuilding has already begun.

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Sadhana Forest has an open door policy and all who desire to help are welcome. If you are not able to volunteer your time and energy, you can still help their tireless work. This project is run and supported by volunteers and raising the donations needed to rebuild may not come quickly. Even a small donation could make a huge difference.† To see a list of the repair estimates go here.

Just as each drop of water is treasured, so is each contribution.

To make a tax deductible donation go here:

Donate to Support Sadhana Forest:

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NB: All videos and photographs are from the Sadhana Forest website.


What volunteer hours and donations support:

- The planting of over 23,000 Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest plants composed of 150 different native species.

- The digging of over 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) of trenches and the building of eight earth dams. Together they hold more than 13 million gallons of reclaimed water! Because of these efforts the underground water level has risen from 26 feet deep to 6 feet.

- The community’s work with the local villagers which includes strengthening bonds, involvement in their continuing conservation efforts and learning about Sadhana Forest’s work.

- Hundreds of children from the nearby villages have planted trees in the forest and over 50 of these children visit regularly to care for the tree that they planted.

- Each Friday 20-150 guests join the community for a free environmental film screening, tour of the project and vegan dinner.

- 20 Ecological Living Workshops have taken place as part of the Auroville Winter Integral Studies Program.

- All structures were and continue to be built sustainably from local and natural materials. The community is run on solar power and uses dry composting toilets and a gray water system.

- Over 4,000 people have visited Sadhana forest and learned about their work, of these people 2,500 were volunteers, interns and students.

Learn more about their accomplishments.

Until the day we meet, everyone at Gentle World wishes the Sadhana Forest community well as the need for your work continues to grow.

Donate to Support Sadhana Forest:

For tax exemption in the US, and donations from other countries:

For tax exemption in the UK:

NB: All videos and photographs are from the Sadhana Forest website.

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If only we could have "commercials" on every channel that told this story instead of trying to make you go out and buy things that cause the problem in the first place... things might change.

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great article and wonderful people, thanks for sharing this

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These are truly great human beings! Thank you for all you are doing to empower the people in the villages.

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I salute your effort.
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Good people can make a difference. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for sharing and caring. I hope the volunteers continue to keep up their fight for the forest.