High Risk for Breast Cancer?

Q: My mother had a mastectomy at age 63 and continues to do well. My sister had a mastectomy (one sentinel node positive) at age 43. My sister and I share a BrCa1 gene mutation, but it is not a standard one, and no one knows what it means. My mom doesnít have that gene mutation. I had my first child at 34. I have no other risk factors that I know of. Do you think I should be followed with MRIs or standard digital mammography? I really appreciate your answer.

A: If you were my patient, I would consider you at high risk for developing breast cancer based on your family history.

The current recommendations by the American Cancer Society for the use of breast MRI suggest that the breast MRI should be used in any woman with a known BRCA mutation or any woman who has a 20 percent or greater lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.

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We've got to take good care of ourselves

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My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, seven hers ago.
Because of early detection and medical advances, she is a survivor who's life was saved. Thanks for your post of such importance...

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I had my left breast removed 4yrs ago because of cancer,I was 53 then,I have 1 yr left of hormone tablets to take,I live in hope that i get the "all clear" next year,but i do class myself as a survivor,and very fortunate to still be here with my family