Easy Homemade Baking Powder

I love to bake. I love throwing a mess of ingredients together and watching the charming chemistry that transforms that mess into something tender and toothsome. But I don’t like baking powder. All too often it imparts a bitter-salty-chemically flavor that my animal instinct reacts poorly to. (As in, “that tastes toxic, spit it out!”) But alas, no baking powder, no leavening. So I have started using a very simple recipe for homemade baking powder that nixes the extra chemicals and doesn’t taste like a mouth full of metal.

This surprisingly easy workaround comes from the venerable Southern cook Edna Lewis. Some recipes call for corn starch as a filler, but I have never found the extra ingredient necessary.

Ĺ cup cream of tartar
4 tablespoons baking soda

Sift through a fine strainer three or four times and store in an airtight container. That’s it!

Homemade baking powder can be stored for up to four weeks (make a half batch or smaller if you don’t use it much).

By Melissa Breyer, Senior Producer, Care2 Green Living


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I'm sorry, I meant Melissa. Thank you for this Information!

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Thank you Annie, for Sharing this!

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Patricia Cannell
Patricia Cannell5 years ago

Even though I bake often it is still cheaper for me to purchase baking powder than to make my own. The reason? Cream of tartar is so expensive!! I can buy a large container of baking powder for cheaper than the price of about 6 tsp. of cream of tartar.

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Thanks for the information. I too, don't use baking powder alot, but I do know this has gotta be a more economical way to go... :-)

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This is good to know. Thanks to whomever posted where to get cream of tartar on line. The small packages are really expensive.