Homeowners Win Big With Energy Assessment Tool & Giveaway!

Tired of utility bills that take your breath away? Think a home energy audit is too expensive?

WellHome, a national energy audit company, recently launched a new online tool that will help evaluate your home’s current level of efficiency.

The short, self-assessment asks questions about the your home’s location, and the size and age of many of your homes appliances and fixtures. Then it generates an estimate of the amount of money you could save if you were to upgrade your home with more efficient technology and materials.

When I took the estimate, I found out that a home energy audit could help me save more than $1,000 in wasted energy! (I rent a rather old and inefficient condo, so my energy savings plan is limited to turning things off, washing in cold water, and making sure my small appliances are as efficient as possible).

The best part about this tool is that when you’re done with the self-assessment, you’ll automatically be entered to win a home energy system upgrade worth up to $2,500!


WellHome performs energy audits to help you understand the systems in your home, how these systems function on their own, and how they contribute to your whole house comfort and energy efficiency.

To find out how many different ways your home could be leaking energy, watch this video to see what it’s like when WellHome performs an energy audit.

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Image Credit: Flickr – sarah_elizabeth_simpson


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Using infrared heaters will promote energy efficiency - http://www.theheatstorm.com/2010/12/16/using-infrared-heaters-will-promote-energy-efficiency/

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