How Corporations Can Reduce Global Poverty

My career of several decades as a senior executive in the IT industry with GE, Honeywell and others provided me with a solid business perspective of the economy. My six years as president and CEO of Unity, a global spiritual organization, gave me the great gift of spiritual growth and a strong spiritual view of the economy. This integral combination led me to how spirituality plays into the economy, not just the economy that professors and politicians exhort, but the economy that every family in America and elsewhere discuss at the evening dinner table after long days of work. While spirituality is a tent pole in the lives of most people, it is the most underutilized resource in this most modern and still powerful economy in the world. It is akin to us sitting on an ocean of oil without ever thinking about drilling for it, even as the structure of everything around us seems to be falling apart.

I know the importance of embracing our spiritual and business resources in terms of improving the efficiency of our economy and the happiness of everyone involved.

Corporations around our world are a massive resource for improving our global humanity at all levels: Peace, education, affluence (water, food, clothing, housing, health care, etc.), community and communications and ecology. While many businesses large and small do contribute greatly in terms of their products and services, too often these do not reach those who cannot afford them.

Remember that two-thirds of the world’s population lives on less than $2 per day, and remember that corporations also have a monetary resource that can directly contribute to improving the daily lives of these people.

If the 10,000 largest corporations in the world were to contribute just 1 percent of their annual net profits directly to global humanitarian causes, this would provide approximately $32 billion per year–without having to pass the funds through inefficient governmental handling. Imagine what this sum might be if all corporations and businesses were to participate!

While this idea might bend the minds of some boards of directors, shareholders, owners, and other stakeholders in businesses around the world, the good done for those who vitally need this resource is immense. And, as we deeply know in the truth of spiritual laws, the return to those who give is multiplied and magnified, always.

So let all businesses in an elevated, collective consciousness give a small fraction of their monetary resources to support human causes for the human spirit.

Tom Zender is the former president and CEO of Unity, the largest of the New Thought communities. He serves on the board of the Association for Global New Thought and is instrumental in AGNT’s development of collective consciousness raising programs for sustainable global peace. Zender is a speaker at numerous events and conferences for expanding consciousness and peace, including The Alliance for the New Humanity.

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Robert O.
Robert O6 years ago

If they'd stop paying such bloated slaries and benefits packages to excutives, there'd be more money to help worthwhile causes. Sadly, it never turns out thatway. If they do give money to charities, it's just a very small fraction of what they're capable of giving and the money they do give is gathered by cutting employees hours, cutting down on benefits, skimping on raises, and having 1 employee do the work of 2 (or even 3 or 4). They never cut down on where they should be (lavish waste) but it's always the lower end employees that suffer.

Janos A.
Janos A8 years ago

The a-human nature of corporate personhood is one of the causes of world poverty. Humans within corporations can do only what the legal construct allows. The "corporate person" will always benefit from poverty and will not want to end it. The "corporate person" itself must be dismantle first.

Robyn E.
Robyn E9 years ago

Thank you for being a voice for this movement, Tom. This was a very informative and inspiring read!!

Past Member
Past Member 9 years ago

I agree that the structures are in place in the corporate arena to address poverty in our world. The fact that 30,000 people, mostly children, will starve today and every other day until something is done is a crime.When the principle of sharing the world's resources is active as many say it will become generosity will be bult into all of our systems.

Nick Scianna
Nick Scianna9 years ago

thats a great if they would do that, with
micro manageing and cutting hours so they do
not have to give benefits,age disgrination
and I do not see it happening!