How Do The States Stack Up Environmentally?

Would you like to know which state has the most organic farms, or the lowest air pollution, or the most breastfeeding moms? Maybe you’d like to know which states are the worst polluters? If so, Mother Nature News has created an infographic that shows all the states healthy and green strengths and weaknesses. This is just a sampling of some of the eye-open results.

The Bad: 10 Eco-Unfriendly State Facts
1. Indiana has the most unrecycled trash per capita
2. Arkansas has the most tons of poultry waste.
3. Connecticut has the highest rate of pancreatic cancer.
4. Illinois has the most accidents involving hazardous materials.
5. Kentucky has the highest overall highest cancer death rate.
6. Mississippi: Most cases of pesticides in water.
7. Oklahoma has lowest the consumption of fruits and vegetables.
8. Rhode Island has the highest rate of female breast cancer.
9. South Carolina has the fewest acres of organic farmland.
10. Wisconsin has the highest binge-drinking rate.

The Good: 10 Eco-Friendly State Facts

1. California has the most acres or organic farmland.
2. Texas has the most wind power.
3. New York has the lowest per capita energy use.
4. Georgia has the most industrial electricity generated from biomass.
5. Oregon has the most LEED-certified buildings.
6. Arizona has the most solar power potential.
7. Hawaii has the lowest levels of ground-level ozone and smog.
8. Colorado has the lowest obesity rate.
9. Idaho has the smallest per capita carbon footprint.
10. Utah has the highest level of breastfeeding.

To see how all the states stacked up, and for sources and references, check out all MNN’s infographic. For global statistics, check the World Clock of Global Statistics.


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Cool facts. Hopefully we can make even more improvements this year :). One cool thing you can do in NYC is call 311 if you see a space for a tree (like an empty tree pit) and request one to be planted there and you don't have to pay anything. You can also adopt trees through

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Hi all,
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