Longing for Ecstasy

Being fulfilled means going beyond everyday experience. At a deeper level human beings have always longed for ecstasy, a feeling of euphoria, joy, peace, and love. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is evidence of our society’s starvation and longing for real ecstasy. Everyday happiness gives us only a taste, leaving behind a hunger for more. Happiness, then, is the beginning of a journey that reaches for higher fulfillment.

Many people have accidentally experienced the most intense happiness, often called peak experience. These experiences may have occurred in intimate moments in Nature, in dance and music, in play, or in lovemaking. What sets a peak experience apart is not its intensity but its meaning – it feels as if a much greater, freer, more expansive reality has been revealed.

Everyone who has had a peak experience tires to recapture it. Most are disappointed, because a moment of higher awareness isn’t the same as attaining higher consciousness. What is needed is a path to transformation guided by a vision of the possibilities that first taste inspires.

In the world’s wisdom traditions, the search for ecstasy is completely natural. Ecstasy is your original energy state. To return to it is to return home and make it your permanent abode.

There are many names for this goal: redemption, salvation, transcendence, and enlightenment. There are as many paths as there are faiths and spiritual teachers. But in the end a single truth is being espoused: The human soul longs to return to the place where ecstasy abides. There, union can be found with the mystery of God.

Adapted from The Ultimate Happiness Prescription, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2009).


Zee K.
Helen Porter6 years ago

Ecstacy is.. I have used it in my own healing and in the healing of others...Become aware of the current of light and sound, golden love energy flowing from the throne of Creator to you.

Become aware of the longing for Creator which trembles within... the very soul of you;. Gather this love for Creator into your heart. Allow this wave of love and longing to rise upward through your throat, above the crown of your head up, up, up to the very throne of Creator. A golden telephone, beside the throne, Creator whispers your name. Release that love and longing through the phone as you tell Creator how much you love and desire sacred presence within your life....come, share the life you gave me. Be my companion..

Listen, What is Creator's response? What does he say to you?

You become aware of returning, on the current of light and sound, to your body. Be aware as body and soul immerse in Creator's love. now, healing you, breathing new life into you..Allow the golden love energy to flow all through your body, blessing and healing.
When you are ready, allow the golden love energy to flow from your body out into the world to heal the people, the animals, the oceans, the land......healing, loving, flowing the light of golden love energy all through the planet .

Sheri P.
Sheri P6 years ago

the ever elusive happiness...

Gabriella Bertelmann
G Bertelmann6 years ago

always inspiring

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Thank you

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Jennifer U.
Jennifer A6 years ago

Happiness is the journey, not the destination.

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Dot A.
Dot A6 years ago

Ecstacy - our abode! Spirituality - a guidepost for 'up ahead.'


Ho Ho Ho - sounds like where we all'd like to Go.

(In Eternity we're already there,... "the parousia, there, but not yet")

[Hope the Santa reference was read as just a jolly - happy thread.]