How I Helped Turn a Business Around in 3 Days

I know the Universe and all things within it are made of energy. So, when someone wants to change their life or change something about their life, I give them my “You must change your life’s frequency to the frequency of the life you want to liveĚ “lecture.

Each one of us has a unique energy signature. Yes, we are all made up of flesh, bone, blood, water, muscles, tendons, etc. but like a thumbprint, we each have an energy signature that is uniquely our own.

Our life’s energy also runs on a frequency and this frequency is either one we intentionally create or one created through trial and error. This means it is absolutely possible to change your life into something that you desire. When we want that, it is up to us to adjust and then move into the life that we want by
changing our energetic frequency.

A bit confused? Well don’t be. This is one of the keys to changing your life.

A year and a half ago, a friend of mine excitedly told me that he would be opening a gym in San Pedro, California. While I was happy for him, I could also see what pitfalls he was going to run into with my gift of sight, so I also gave him some sound advice about his new endeavor.

Reception area before photo

Some months later he found a space and rented it. In August of 2013, knowing that I would soon be leaving for Australia and staying there for a while, he invited me over to see it. When I arrived he guided me on an enthusiastic tour of a still empty space, while he described all of his ideas. When we were done, he politely asked my opinion and once again I gave him advice based on my own experience of operating a successful business and from my gift of sight.

Reception after photo

During the months that followed, I went on a whirlwind of traveling that took me back to the U.S., then again to Australia, then to Fiji, before finally returning to the United States in February. My friend reached out to me and told me he had been working tirelessly on what was now going to be a fitness gym and wellness center and that he had run into so many obstacles along the way that he was close to giving up hope. He and his partner were nowhere near being ready to open and their cash flow would dry up soon. Exasperated, he told me he didn’t want to fail and asked me if I would please stop by the wellness center and see what had been done and give him some suggestions of what he could do to move forward.

Spa before photo

The sadness and frustration in his voice concerned me and I made the time to visit his business. Even before I walked through the door, I could feel the heavy energy, like an uncomfortable blanket you keep attempting to kick off of you. I took a breath, walked through the door and allowed my sight and my senses to do the work of gathering the information I would need to lead my friend out of his stress-filled situation. I immediately saw that he had not taken any of my previous suggestions or advice. After my evaluation, I called him on the phone and gave him a list of the things he needed to do in order to get his business up and running. We had a lengthy chat on the phone and somehow he persuaded me to drop what I was doing and come help him with the actual labor of implementing all of my suggestions.

Spa after photo

What we did:
Being a skilled energy mover, the first thing I did was to clean all of the negative energy (stress, anxiety, worry) that had built up over the months and was holding down the momentum of the business. Then my partner Ian and I went to the hardware store and working within a very limited budget, purchased
paint and supplies.

We then tackled the business room by room and changed the colors, rearranged the furniture, added living plants (real plants add energy, light, and health to a space) and some other healthy touches. We also cleaned the place from top to bottom.

Why we did this:
To understand what he did and didn’t do, you must first understand that my friend’s intent was to open a fitness center and wellness spa. The colors he and his partner had chosen were dark and did not promote wellness. The fitness area was located in the front of the business and while that promoted†working out, the intent of also building a place of soothing healing and wellness, did not.

After clearing the negative energy, we changed the physical space to match the intent of wellness and healing in my friend’s business. Ian and I chose colors that promote comfort and healing. We also added†living plants in the front window of the gym to tie together the gym portion and the wellness portion of the space. We added water elements, fire elements, and used the salt bricks they purchased as elements throughout the wellness part of the business.

Wellness center before photo

The results:
Within three days of us reworking the center, income started to flow through the doors.

We continued to tackle one obstacle at a time with positive intent and understanding of what we were trying to achieve. We painted walls, doors, trim, rearranged furniture, purchased some finishing touches, and kept the place clean. The people who visited my friend’s business prior to the changes†were stopping back by and were amazed at how the place not only looked different, but also felt different.

New clients also mentioned to him how much they enjoyed the space and liked being there.

As I wrapped up my time there, I explained to my friend that if he continued to move things forward with having his actions match his intent, the business would continue to bring income to him and his partner and they would continue to grow their business. While the bulk of the work was done, there were still items on the list I made initially that would have to be taken care of. When the center is finished, it will have hardwood floors, a wall of water, and ivy along the walls of the rooms.

You see, you don’t need to be a master of energy moving, you only need to understand the principles of how to change your current situation or life into the life you want to live.

Wellness center after photo

The first step is to know what you want and why you want it. Know what you want to accomplish. Make sure your actions are matching your intent. Keep your positivity flowing even, when you come across an obstacle. It is up to you to live the life you want to live. It is possible and it is absolutely within your grasp.

I wish you true love, peace, happiness, harmony, joy, good health and success in your life.


Eileen Mary P.
Eileen P3 years ago

the place seems to look a lot better now. Seems to be about interior design.

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You did not change the black ceilings and I see a lot of pipes up there -

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Not sure what the intent of the article was. Interior Design? Was there a typo.... did she mean the "gift of insight?"

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Put me down as a firm nonbeliever.

I think Feng Shui, is the modern equivelient of a seance.

But without the flickering flame, & knocks on the table.

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More plants more green and colorful friends!!