How Long Should You be Sitting Every Day?

Now here is news to make you sit up ó or rather stand up ó and take note.

Dr. Dylan Thompson, senior lecturer at the University of Bath, says you should aim to sit for less than 60 percent of your day. So, if you are up and about for 15 hours, you should be sitting for not more than 9 of those hours. More than that, and you risk getting obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer, he cautions.


Thatís because sitting for long periods causes fat to accumulate in abnormal places ó organs and muscle tissue.

Dr. Thompsonís specialization in physical fitness makes him someone whose advice deserves attention. He is currently responsible for research management and performance within Sport, Health and Exercise Science at the University of Bath.

Another powerful reason to stand more: standing burns 132 calories per hour, which is double the amount you burn when sitting. In the process of burning those calories, standing also uses up blood glucose, thus reducing your risk of diabetes.



For those of us who work 9 to 5 jobs five days a week, sitting for most of the day is a compulsion. But this does not mean you need to be chained to your desk all day long: just try to break long periods of sedentary activity. Set reminders to keep getting up every 20 minutes. Walk, jog or simply stand for a few minutes. Walk across to your workmates rather than sending them emails. Take phone calls standing up, or better still, pacing. Buy a standing desk if you can. Walk for part of your commute. Ditch the lift and take the stairs at least twice a day. Every step counts!

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If you're home sick with the flu, what else can you do but sit....

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if our job requires us to stand all day, can we sit ? :-) good to know I'm burning more calories though :-)

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