How Would You Spend Your Perfect Day?

Between work, friends, kids, and relationships, we juggle a lot. So if you could plan your perfect day—allotting however much time you wanted to each daily activity—what would your perfect day look like?

That’s exactly what a recent survey, published in the Journal of Economic Psychology, asked 900 women. Would they spend more time with friends? Less time in spin class? The women, age 38 on average, broke it down like this:

106 minutes: romance & intimacy

98 minutes: computer time

82 minutes: socializing

78 minutes: relaxing

75 minutes: eating

68 minutes: exercising

57 minutes: talking on the phone

56 minutes: shopping

36 minutes: working

Of course, that all follows a blissful eight hours of sleep, with time left over. But hey, where do children come in? The researchers took a look at data from the US Time Use Survey for that. When asked to be totally self-indulgent, women said they would spend the day with their partner (619 minutes), socializing (103 minutes), and relaxing (74 minutes). Plus, a two minutes on housework and two minutes with the children for good measure. If only it were that easy.

I thought a lot of results that came out of the survey were interesting—the 900 women surveyed sure like to work out! And what happened to multi-tasking? Or am I the only one who’s laptop smells like yesterday’s late-night snack?—but it’s the romance one that really piqued my interest. Between the two surveys, women would ideally spend over 10 hours with their partner, and two of those hours on romance and intimacy. But how many of us get even close to that on an average day?

What does your perfect day look like…and how does it compare to a real day? What small steps can you take to shift the minutes in your favor?


wael a.
wael a4 years ago

Thank you

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen4 years ago

Thank you :)

Latoya Brookins
Latoya Brookins4 years ago

I would need to differentiate between my Perfect Dream Day and my Perfect Day.

Elaine A.
Elaine Al Meqdad4 years ago

Doing exactly what I want to do!!!

Natasha Salgado
Past Member 4 years ago

A perfect day for me is when i take 2 or 3 shelter dogs down to the beach for the day...watching them spashing in the water and eating ice-cream and all the face licks i get...well it's priceless!!! Sadly i have to return them back to the Shelter but it's so worth it. Thanks

Simone Santos
Simone 4 years ago

muito bom o artigo, vou utilizar as dicas no dia a dia!

Jonathan Harper
Jonathan H4 years ago


Nimue Pendragon

I did a blog on this some years back. I will dig it out and bore you all with it anon :)

Fiona T.
Past Member 4 years ago

We'd better strive for a balance in life

Interstellar Daydreamer
Sky Price5 years ago