How Often Should You Have a Bowel Movement?

A: How often are you supposed to have a bowel movement? I’ve heard a little as once a week to three times a day can be normal.

Q: You would not believe how common this question is in medical practice. People really worry about this. The average person will have a bowel movement every 1-2 days; however, if this is not you, it’s not necessarily a cause for alarm.

As long as there has not been a change in the consistency or nature of your bowel habits and as long as you are not having to strain in order to defecate (a sign that you are constipated) then don’t worry too much about keeping up the Joneses.

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Kris Huffy
Kris Huffy6 years ago

I have a bowel movement about 1-2 times a week. I recently upped my water intake, because I was always so constipated. I used to drink about 15oz of water a day, and now I drink about 70oz. However, I've noticed that when I increased my water intake, I didn't have a bowel movement for almost 2 weeks. I've been eating healthier AND drinking more water, but nothing. I drank 20oz of water today and have had 6 bowel movements. I have no idea what is going on

Jessica P.
Jessica Clark7 years ago

My stomach and digestion has always acted up, but I've found that lots of water helps. Alot of bathroom problems happen because you digestive track isn't hydrated well enough so drinking alot of water will help constipation almost always, so try water before pills and meds. Yogurt is also great t keep up regularity especially all-natural and greek yogurts

Janice P.
Janice P7 years ago

I appreciate the courage of those who wrote a comment. Most people consider this topic off limits. That may be the very reason so many of us have unrelenting problems in this area. Thanks.

Katie C.
Katie C.7 years ago

I usually have 3 bowel movements a day. one in the earlier afternoon, one in the evening, and one in the early morning. I don't mind it that way either

Elaine Dixon
Elaine Dixon8 years ago

I have one about every 2 weeks, and they say nothing is wrong, take Philips to go.. Bummer man

Beverly R.
Beverly R8 years ago

Very happy to say once a day generally and occasionally twice a day, I am so grateful for this regularity, long may it continue

Melissa D.
Melissa D.8 years ago

I have one every morning. I feel that I completely empty out...I am a dairy and fish eating vegi. But I eat bread and sugar in my tea. I think when I eat too much bread and sugar mine do have an odar. But mostly not so bad. You are what you eat!!! Eat right and feel great! Eat bad and feel bad. I have tons of engergy and I always try to get 8 hours sleep which I think is also important. Drinking quality water and staying away from drugs and alcohol. Also, eat organic!! I use free range eggs and I think using dairy from free range cows and goats is also important because I believe energy passes through food. If the animal is happy the products are happy. If the animal is suffering I think that energy passes through to the food. I have not taken a pill or used a drug for over 20 years. If I have pain of any kind, I breath and stretch and relax. I realize that would not work for bone breaks but every day stuff like muscle aches. I can not remember the last time I had a headache. Stay away from the meds...Sharon you are great!

Samantha Benfield

okay i need help, my poops are weird sometimes and i need to know which foods to eat and what not to eat because when i go to the restroom my stomach hurts really bad, and then my poop comes out and sometimes its burns, but im really only wanting a normal poop,can anyone help me?

Glyn P.
Glyn P8 years ago

I always feel really good after taking a healthy dump , for me it is once a day upon getting up in the AM .
For me routine , and NOT overeating is the rule of thumb .
Also a well balanced diet is a must .

Vural K.
Past Member 8 years ago