How Paul McCartney Wants to Save Animals

Sir Paul McCartney, founding member of The Beatles and Wings, has written a letter to India’s Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, requesting January 12th be declared an official meat-free day. The purpose of such a day is to celebrate compassion towards animals, and commemorate the founding of India’s branch of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

In the letter he wrote, “Would you please think about declaring one day every year — perhaps 12 January, the anniversary of PETA India’s founding — a day to celebrate vegetarianism and compassion towards animals? Such a declaration would save countless animals, reduce the environmental devastation caused by the meat industry and help participants clear their arteries and their consciences. It would be a celebration of life — all life.” (Source: A 2006 survey found about 31 percent of Indians are vegetarian. Less than three percent of Americans are.

McCartney has been working with PETA for over 20 years to bring attention to the abuse of animals that takes place routinely around the world. In an interview he said, “I would say quite conclusively that the facts are in favor of vegetarianism. We always say, for cruelty to animals, vegetarianism is the great thing to get rid of that. For the planet, to prevent depleting the water and the land and everything, it’s a great idea. And I think it’s a great thing for your health, and doctors nowadays agree with that. There are plenty of great books and organizations, so no matter where you are, there is someone to help you.” (Source:

It has been reported that he and his wife Linda became vegetarians after seeing lambs on their own farm while eating lamb for dinner. Linda McCartney later started her own vegetarian food company, which is still making packaged vegetarian meals today. In November, Linda McCartney Foods started a competition for the public to submit recipes for the best-tasting vegetarian meal. Each week, 10 favorite dishes are chosen. (Check out the archives for some delicious inspiration.) The winning dish, which will be chosen in April, will be sold as part of the Linda McCartney line. The McCartney family remains involved in Linda’s food company.

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Ann W.
Ann W5 years ago

First, India has to become more respectful of women. And the very poor.

Valerie T.
Valerie T7 years ago

It has been surprisingly easy for me to give up eating meat. With all the quorn products around and all the wonderful vegetables available it is not difficult. I even hate 'the meat aisle' now and completely give it a miss. Cooking without meat is so different - now the focus is on the vegetables, instead of the meat. My latest cookery find is stuffed butternut squash, which is completely delicious. I suffered stomach problems for many years but since giving up meat I feel so much better.

Elisabeth T.
Elisabeth T7 years ago

Fabulous,,,thanks for this article..

Vanessa S.
Vanessa S7 years ago

West Virginia could use more people who want to help animals. It's very sad to see the amount of abuse and neglect that goes on here. Someone as dedicated to animal welfare as Sir Paul McCartney would be blown away if he was to visit here.

Lindsey Williams
Lindsey Williams8 years ago

I love Paul McCartney so much....not only is he the coolest musician around, he is a vegetarian and total animal supporter. So cool...

Linda M.
James merritt jr8 years ago

Ty Sir Paul. Ty for article.

jane richmond
jane richmond8 years ago

ty Sir Paul

Mara C.
Past Member 8 years ago

Slowly but surely, we are gving up meat in this household. Just don't tell my hubby. He doesn't know it!

Will L.
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Marleen P.
Marleen Paulus8 years ago

I love Paul Mc Cartney, he is awesome!