How Reflexology Works (video)

The soles of your feet represent a virtual map of your entire body, the left and right foot corresponding to the left and right sides of the body. The science and art of reflexology, like acupuncture, originated in China thousands of years ago but has not been explained by western medical science. It is an excellent complementary therapy.

This video features a reflexologist at work, and shows you the various parts of the foot that connect with various body organs.

Try it. It feels good, canít hurt, and might well help.

Photo credit: cote

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Guruof R.
Guruof R.5 years ago

It is a good article and post on reflexology. But it is important to understand what is reflexology. Now reflexology is something which many people dont know much about.
Videos are really helpful in explaining the reflexology and what is the meaning of reflexology. I am happy to see that the word of reflexology is spreading and it is becoming popular.

Laura F.
Laura Fulmer6 years ago

wow! i'm trying this for sure!

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B6 years ago

great info

Ian Donelson
Ian Donelson7 years ago

Very interesting. Thank you.

Siti Rohana
Siti R7 years ago

reflexology has to be exercised regularly to be effective along with gentle exercise and a moderate diet. above all, a positive spirit to heal ourselves.

Brenda Bonfield
Brenda Bonfield7 years ago

I've had 2 reflexology treatments for disc pain and found no relief.

Mary Winter
Mary Winter7 years ago

I have used this discipline for many years and find it helpful for sore muscles,RA and other pain. It replaces the need for a pain

Linda G.
Linda G7 years ago

Those who experience relief from reflexology don't care about scientific studies. They care about relief. And many times it's the belief that aids the procedure. If you are resistant, you may not have good results. I have found that it helped with my lower back pain.

Doris Korman
Doris Korman7 years ago

very good thanks!

M.E. W.
Mary W7 years ago

I lived in various countries in SE Asia for 15 years - countries that traditionally practice foot reflexology. While there I generally went for reflexology twice a week. Depending on the therapist, reflexology helped me to control & alleviate migraines and neck problems (resulting from a broken neck). I can attest to the fact that reflexology is a healing modality that can be effective.