How Sex Can Keep the Doctor Away (Infographic)

Sex can be a behind-closed-doors, don’t talk about it too loudly, don’t kiss and tell kind of topic. But you know what everybody sees up close and in public? The amazing glow you have when you have regular intimate sessions with a loved one, pumping you full of positive health effects and amazing endorphins. Your health is NOT a secret, and your sex life is a huge contributor to this overall well-being. We don’t want to pressure you — many of us are in between relationships, happy being single, or we take the solo sex route and achieve sexual health all on our own! The point is, sex doesn’t need to be a dirty luxury. Really, sex is an integral part of our general day-to-day health. So continue eating your vegetables, meditating, exercising … and getting laid!

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Lucy Schneider
Past Member 3 years ago

Thank you...nothing new here, though!

Jeffrey Stanley
Jeff S3 years ago

Sex is an integral part of our lives!

Cheryl P.
Cheryl P.3 years ago

Thanks for such a nice informative info-graph. Many research have proved that sex help an individual to stay fit and healthy. There are many other benefits of sex like it help to burn calorie, it also improve sleep, it reduce prostate cancer etc. Visit to know more on this

Aud nordby
Aud n3 years ago


Chad Anderson
Chad Anderson3 years ago

Don't need any more push, but nice to know anyhow!

Debbie S.
Past Member 3 years ago

Love some of these comments, I think most of us know sex is good for us.

Catrin K.
Catrin S3 years ago

The comments never disappoint .

Karen Martinez
Karen Martinez3 years ago

Interesting infographic, but the comments are WAY better! Sex within a committed relationship is great, but 4 times a week? Who are these people? Do they not have jobs, kids, houses, lives? There are many a week when sleep is far more welcome than sex.

Alexandra G.
Alexandra G3 years ago


Kasia Nowak
Diana K3 years ago