How to Clean Up Halloween Pranks

Today I’d like to offer you some DIY tips for the holiday most likely to damage your house’s exterior — Halloween. Eggs, shaving cream, toilet paper and silly string are substances you might find yourself scraping off your house the morning after Halloween. To get you prepared, I’ve written up a little guide to cleaning common Halloween prank substances off your house.

If your house gets egged on Halloween: Power washing is definitely the easiest way to get eggs off your siding and windows. If you don’t have a power washer, you need to wash the egg of with something that will break down its proteins. If your paint is a light color, soak the egg stain with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent, so your best bet for cleaning eggs off of dark paint is to use a solution of dish detergent or laundry detergent, vinegar, and water. Clean up the egg stains as quickly as possible — newer stains are easier to remove than older ones. If the stain dries up and bakes in the sun, you might need to soften up the egg proteins. You can do this by soaking a rag in your cleaning agent of choice and holding it against the stain with a ladder.

If your house gets TP’d on Halloween: Use a tree trimmer tool to reach toilet paper stuck high in tree branches. If toilet paper gets stuck to your siding in school-bathroom-style spit-wad fashion, you can disengage it from your house without scraping your paint off by thoroughly soaking the toilet paper wads with soap and water and gently scrubbing them off with a soft-bristled brush. You may be able to just spray them off with a garden hose.

How to remove shaving cream from your property: If a shaving cream fight happens on your driveway or sidewalk, have no fear, you can clean shaving cream stains from concrete. Hot water and laundry detergent should remove shaving cream stains from concrete, and also from your siding.

How to remove silly string: The jury’s out on the absolute best way to clean silly string from glass and painted surfaces. Remove it while it is wet. If it dries, I’ve heard that WD-40 will take it off. My guess is also that dish soap will. After oil spills in coastal areas, environmentalists use plain Dawn dish soap to clean oil off of wildlife. It could probably clean other petroleum-based messes like silly string.

Good luck. If you have any other good ideas for cleaning up after Halloween pranks, leave a comment below.

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Edvanir L.
Edvanir L4 years ago

Too much work. You better give something for the kids and avoid this mess. :)

Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

Thanks for sharing!

a             y m.
g d c5 years ago


Elisabeth T.
Elisabeth T6 years ago

We decorated a bit the beginning of the month. Our kids aren't living at home anymore, but we love to get the trick or treaters and seeing their costumes. No matter what their age, they get a chocolate candy bar

Carole R.
Carole R6 years ago

Halloween nowdays is meant to be fun and scary, for those who like scary. I loved it as a child and now my granddaughters love it. It should never be distructive although the "tricks" have always got out to hand with some people. When I was a child I loved getting the treats and I was only allowed to go to houses with lights on. Now I love giving out the treats and seeing the great costumes that the kids wear. My pet peeve is the older kids, say over 13 or 14, that come and can be a bit intimidating, both to me and the little children. As with anything, there are always those who try to spoil it for others.
I hope your Halloween will be safe and lots of fun.

Dawn M.
Dawn M6 years ago

If you can't beat 'em.... We roll our outdoor fireplace to the end of the driveway and have a fire. Sometimes we have hot dogs or sometimes it's chili, but we feed the neighbors something other than candy. We hand out candy for the kids, biscuits for the dogs and adult beverages for the adults who stop by. This kind of thing goes on up and down the block, and our street has become a trick-or-treat destination, with well over 200 children in the 2-hour trick or treat window. There's never been any damage--we're out later than the troublemakers.

Eilish Macpherson


Wolfgang S.
Wolfgang W7 years ago

The chocolate industry would do all to stop abolishing Christmas and Easter and the horror film industry needs this Halloween. Is there no economic background - or what do you - think ? There are so many festivities to praise God - why not one for the Devil, too ?

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago

Thanx for post!

Lauren P.
Lauren Phillips7 years ago