How to Control the Moody Vata Dosha

If you have been suffering from indigestion, insomnia, joint pain and anxiety, your ruling dosha or humor is most likely Vata.

Composed of air and space, Vata is the moodiest and flightiest dosha of all. People governed by Vata reflect all the qualities of these two elements.

If you are a Vata type:

  • Your skin is dry and rough to the touch.
  • It matures and ages faster because of its low natural moisture content.
  • You have thin, fine and brittle hair.
  • Your frame is light, and you tend to be underweight
  • You are an anxious, moody and indecisive person
  • You are a light sleeper and prefer warm weather to cold

Vata Skinís Typical Problems:

  • Your skin tends to get too dry, to the extent it becomes flaky
  • Cracked heels and chapped lips are a typical Vata bane
  • You cannot bear cold, damp weather
  • Poor blood circulation and the tendency to worry can make your skin look dull, wrinkle faster and get dark spots.

10 †Terrific Vata Calmers

  1. Succulent, sweet fruits
  2. Warm, soothing foods such as milk, soups, stews and hot cereal
  3. Ghee and spices in moderation
  4. Ample rest and relaxation
  5. A daily cleansing and moisturizing routine
  6. Gentle, graceful exercises that involve fluidity of movement
  7. Daily self-massage with a good quality cold pressed ayurvedic oil
  8. 20 minutes a day of silence and/or meditation
  9. Invigorating essential oils such as lemon, peppermint and juniper
  10. The company of calm, affectionate and decisive people

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