How to Drink an Orange (video)

What’s really in your juice? We asked Alissa Hamilton, author of Squeezed: What You Don’t Know about Orange Juice, and found out that labels like “Squeezed From Fresh Oranges” and “Not From Concentrate” are very misleading.

Two-thirds of households buy orange juice in the U.S. and most don’t know that “fresh” juice that is not made from concentrate loses its flavor when stored and shipped in giant tanks. Juice companies then put flavor packs in the stored juice. These flavor packs have been engineered by flavor and perfume companies.

It is not so much that this is bad for your health (I’m not sure if it is or not), the big issue is that you don’t really know what you are buying and you have a right to know. Your “fresh” orange juice is processed and flavored. In this video, Alissa suggests that you drink juice directly from the orange. My daughter is in the video demonstrating her kid-friendly orange consuming technique. Try it, it’s fun!

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Back in the day (won't say how far back ), we always got our orange juice from oranges.. lol. We had this little thing that you cut the orange in half and pushed it down and twisted and out came all that wonderful juice. They are still around.. they are called juicers I think..But in todays rush and need for convience, everyone doesn't want to take the time to squeeze their own. But it take so little time and you know what's in your glass. Also eating a fresh orange gives you fiber too. Ahhh, the good old days..

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