How to Improve Your Grip

A stronger grip can yield benefits in the weight room and the workplace.

Nearly every daily activity relies on the muscles in your hands, wrists, and forearms. Think typing an email, brushing your teeth, washing the dishes. Grip strength may also be an indicator of overall wellness: A 2015 study from Ontario’s McMaster University linked weak hands with poor heart health.

Though few resistance-training programs emphasize grip strength, working these muscles can actually support your progress at the gym (you’ll be able to hold on to heavier weights, for instance) and help you avoid carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive-motion injuries. Try this simple exercise at home to improve strength, mobility, and endurance in your hands, wrists, and forearms.

1) Pour about 5 pounds of uncooked rice into a large mixing bowl. Leave enough room in the bowl so you can put both hands in the rice without spilling any over the sides.

2) Set the bowl on a table, and face it in a comfortable position that allows you to reach into the bowl without straining your lower back.

3) Place both hands in the rice. Grab fistfuls and squeeze, twisting at the wrists, flexing the muscles in your fingers, hands, and forearms.

4) Continue for one to two minutes in the same direction, then switch the direction of the twist and repeat for another one to two minutes.

5) Do this exercise once a week or as often as desired. Take care not to strain your muscles or tendons, and stop immediately if you feel any pain.

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Tabot T
Tabot T18 days ago

Thanks for sharing!

Leanne K
Leanne Kabout a month ago

I wonder if sand could take the place of rice in this exercise

Kathy K
Kathy Kabout a month ago

Interesting. Thanks.

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Danuta Wabout a month ago

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Patricia Aabout a month ago

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Martha Pabout a month ago

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Mona M
Mona Mabout a month ago

There are a lot of simple and efficient Chi Gong exercises too.

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Anne Mabout a month ago

Got it..

Christine D
Christine Dabout a month ago

I have tried to strengthen my right hand's grip but I have nerve damage in that arm so I get limited benefit from these types of exercise. In winter, it's frustrating because I have to reach over with my left hand to turn the key to start my car. And try opening those zippered storage bag when you have that problem! Not fun.