How to Make 2 Yummy and Healthy Smoothies (2 videos)

We all know we should eat more vegetables, especially greens. But when we go to the produce department and look at kale and collard greens, weíre apt to say ugh and pass on. Yet these are some of the healthiest vegetables around.

If you donít like to eat them, how about drinking them? This video shows us how easy it is to blend them raw with a few fruits like apples and bananas to make a delicious smoothie that you and your children will happily slurp down.

And if you’d rather stick to fruit for your smoothies, go to page 2 for a fantastic fruit only healthy treat.

Photo credit: tiffanywashko Flickr/Creative Commons

OK, so you didnít think green meant green and you really donít cotton to kale. Well watch this video and youíll see how you can use berries and silken tofu and lots of other good things to make a fabulous and very healthy breakfast.

Itís sponsored by Steviva, a sugar substitute, but as your host points out, you can make all kinds of substitutions, even his product.

Itís really a primer on making smoothies and will probably give you some ideas that never occurred to you (like the tofu). Check it out.

Photo credit: Calvert Cafť & Catering Flickr/Creative Commons


William C
William C11 months ago

Thank you.

Teressa F.
Teressa F.4 years ago

Loved It....

Winn Adams
Winn A4 years ago


Moderate Bliss
Moderate Bliss4 years ago

Berry smoothie is a lot better

Heidi Aubrey
Heidi Aubrey5 years ago

Wow! Did you see the size of that blender container?

Way too big for my needs. I do have a Vitamix that I am very happy with, you can even make your own almond butter or peanut butter in it.

Teresa Garcia

Pretty good!!!

Nancy Gregg
Nancy Gregg5 years ago

my husband loves kale!

Jennifer C.
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Laura S.
Past Member 5 years ago

Ohh, come on!! I watched whole video for nothing. There was no recipe for me to READ (I'm DEAF) and copy it down. :(

Mac C.
mac C5 years ago

I have a green/fruit smoothie each day-- I add a quarter of lemon. I like your idea about bananas to make it creamier. Thank you-- now I need to go make one.