The Significance of Coincidence

When you put your attention on coincidences it attracts more coincidences, and applying intention reveals their meaning. In this way coincidences become clues to the will of the universe, providing a way for us to see its synchronicity and take advantage of lifeís boundless opportunities.

People who are sensitive to events and stimuli around them will be sensitive to coincidences sent from the universe. Clues may be as subtle as the smell of pipe smoke wafting through an open window, which makes you think of your father, which reminds you of a book he loved, which then somehow comes to play an important role in your life at the moment.

Ask the question: What is the significance of this? The answers will emerge.

Another thing you can do to nurture coincidence is to keep a diary or journal of coincidences in your life. After years of note-taking, I classify coincidences as tiny, medium, whoppers and double-whoppers. You can do this in any way that is easy for you. For some people, it is easiest to maintain a daily journal and underline or highlight words or phrases or names of things that show up as coincidences. Other people keep a special coincidence dairy. They start a new page for each significant coincidence, then jot down any other connections to that event.

So remain sensitive, observe coincidences during both your daytime living and your nighttime dreaming, and pay special attention to anything that breaks the probability amplitudeóthe statistical likelihood of a space-time event.

Adapted from Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2007).


Helen Wu
Helen Wu4 years ago

Thank you for Sharing :)

Nils Anders Lunde
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Vicky Barman
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there are so much miracles happening around but i never noticed.

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I often have those 'Aha' moments ...

Margarita P.
Margarita P5 years ago

I frequently halfway joke that if there is a God, God must have wanted me to be in certain situations because of the coincidences that led me into them. A particularly memorable one has to do with the number 710. Back in 1978 I moved into an apartment where the street address was 710 S. Hardy, and my phone number at that time was 968-9710. So when I played the lottery, I would always pick the numbers 7 & 10 the same as I would, for example, pick 4 & 19 because somebody's birthday was 4/19. In 1995 it was a big surprise to me that I found out my now-husband's birthday was 7/10.

Carmen F.
Carmen Flejter5 years ago

there are no coincidences - these are all words of the universe speaking to you

Pat W.
Pat W5 years ago

what about fate vs.coincidence?