How to Recover From All That Holiday Hosting

And just like that, another year of holiday festivities are behind you. Leftovers are in the fridge, the sheets have been pulled off the bed and your in-laws are on a flight back to Minnesota. The house is quiet. And it’s finally nap time.

Hosting is hard work, particularly with the added pressure that comes with the holiday season. Ready to decompress? Here’s what you need to do to reset before the New Year.

Set aside your expectations.

Sure, the bathroom is probably a disaster. There’s laundry to be done. China to stow away. That can wait. Rather than rushing to the next task ahead of you, take some time to yourself to just…breathe. Spend some time with that new novel you got in your stocking or take a nap by the fireplace. You deserve it!

Focus on getting things back in order.

Once you’ve had some alone time to decompress and rest in the quiet aftermath of Christmas, start getting things back to normal. Wipe down the counters, throw a load in the wash and get all that packing paper out to the recycling. You’ll feel fresh in no time!

Ask for help.

It’s easy to let the burden of hosting fall entirely on your shoulders. Maybe you’re the expert. Or maybe it’s just what’s expected of you. Now that you have some breathing room, ask your family or housemates to help you reset. They’ll be glad you asked!

Thank those who traveled your way.

The holidays are all about companionship, in whatever form it arrives. Thank family and friends who traveled your direction to visit (it takes a toll!) and let them know how much you enjoyed your time with them. You’ll feel better closing the chapter and they’ll be more likely to appreciate all your hosting efforts in retrospect.

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